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Thread: FS: Vintge 1978 15 Inch Chewbacca Figure Complete and Near Mint

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    FS: Vintge 1978 15 Inch Chewbacca Figure Complete and Near Mint

    Hey everyone, got another 12 inch goodie from my collection im looking to sell. 15 inch Chewbacca Figure. Chewbacca is complete with all original accessories including all ammo clips. Chewbacca is in near mint-Mint Condition and has no flaws from what i can see anywhere. Asking $75 Shipped in the USA and $90 Shipped Internationally. I accept paypal as payment. I accept Paypal friends and family payment and regular paypal payment. Please note if you are paying via regular paypal payment i ask you add 4 percent to the total to cover the fees as i cannot afford to take the hit. Chewbacca will be packaged properly for shipment. If interested please PM me.

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    Beware! Stay away from this seller! Bought an IG-88 from this guy 8/13/14 and never got it. I am not the only one.


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    The dude is a scam artist POS! Never do a deal with this a hole! Bought a Boba Fett at the same time Greg bought his IG-88, and still no Fett.

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    Wow. Just saw these posts. Looks like I may have gotten taken as well. I bought a 12" Fett and haven't received it and the seller has stopped communication. I felt awful because he told me his father had just passed away and then said it must have gotten lost and he'd issue a refund. I just private messages him again. Always willing to give the benefit of the doubt. This is why PayPal gift unless it's an old friend is not a good idea.

    I've just recently gotten back in and was putting together a set of the 12" figs for my boys. This is really sad that this happens on the rebelscum forums. Lesson learned.

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    Is there a watch out for this clown yet?

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    What a TOOL..I was just looking at it to..Thanks guys..
    Anyway to report him?

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    So why is this guy not barred from RS?

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    Wasn't this on Ebay a few weeks ago? Almost bid, but not sure if it was the same seller as here.

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