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Thread: Will of the Force Issue #1 Daemons of the Desert

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    Will of the Force Issue #1 Daemons of the Desert

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    Oh. My. God. This was AWESOME!

    Oh, Clonecrazy, this is a significant improvement over your last work, which was excellent. But this is a new incarnation of your talent and your creativity. You thread your narrative seamlessly between the narrator's commentary and the characters' words; it's subtle and beautifully blended. You have put a stunning amount of work into conceptualizing this narrative and creating connections where previously only questions lay, such as how the Emperor and Yoda go on, knowing of each other. But the way you construct the images of the past, and the way you use backdrops from the films or similar landscapes to reference the major events of the film -- these are truly impressive, not only in their technical construction, but in their delivery and message.

    I was wondering what had happened to you. You obviously went into a cocoon so that you could think, improve your technical skill, and emerge as something even more tremendous and sophisticated. This chapter is a gripping psychological analysis of the Skywalker family: your technical skills are only a backdrop to a touching and sometimes painful examination of Luke, Vader, and Anakin. Bravo. Seriously -- bravo.
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    I agree, awesome stuff!! I replied more at Yakface, and also featured it on our front page.

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    Thank you both for the kind words!!!

    RM:Your comments are always greatly appreciated my friend! I've been toying with how to best evolve my work for a long time and this new format/series was a long time coming! You extremely thoughtful and supportive commentary means so much!

    Chewie: Thanks for the support and kind words over at yakface! I appreciate you commenting here as well!

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