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Thread: SoCal Vintage Collectors...Frank and Son worth a 5 hour road trip?

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    SoCal Vintage Collectors...Frank and Son worth a 5 hour road trip?

    Just learned about this place this weekend, curious if this is mostly new junk or if there are some real vintage dealers to be found.

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    There's about 2-3 booths there with a decent amount of vintage. But as it usually is with most live shows, most of the stuff is overpriced compared to eBay. I still like to go there once in a while and browse through the aisles pretending it's the early 1990s when I used to actually buy stuff at a shows/conventions. Lmk if you ever plan to stop by, I can meet you there and treat you to some food from the taco trucks outside the building.

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    wow this brings back some memories. I used to drag my girlfriend (now wife) to frank and sons so that she understood who she would eventually marry. 11 years later we are still good and we a 4 year old who plays with my loose vintage stuff and the 3 of us goto Comic Con every year. Frank and sons used to have a little bit of everything but not sure what is has become lately.
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    I'm about 20 minutes away from F&S, and yes it's mostly newer stuff. A few places have vintage, but as others have said here, they're more pricey. There are just too many options elsewhere. But it's fun to browse through there once in a while, if only to just get a dose of what's popular in pop culture collectibles.

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