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    Custom Displays Cases

    Not sure where this should go but the props people seem to deal with custom cases more than others. I am looking at several companies for some custom acrylic cases and see options for acrylic bases or mdf bases. I was curious if anyone had any experience with either one, in particular I am looking at cases from Acrylic display Case & Frames | Display Racks | Cases for collectibles. I have a local acrylic dealer whose quoted prices for local pickup are higher than the quoted price for casesforcollectibles ACROSS the country. Very odd as I was hoping local would save me the money of shipping. Any CFC offers the mdf bases option.


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    I've had great experiences with cases for collectibles . They have built a custom cover for my MR Falcon and Y wing. They are reasonable in price and the quality is top notch. Speak with Angela for custom sizes .

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    Good to hear thanks, is their default 1/4 inch acrylic?

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    The standard they use is 3/16". You can order thicker sizes. I was concerned with the 3/16 but I was very satisfied once the finished product was in front of me .

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    Of those, I've only used CfC. They package their covers/cases in enough packing peanuts to choke an elephant. Both custom-sized purchases I made were as requested and without issue. The acrylic base kinda gives it a cheap look, IMHO, probably because I was spoiled by MR & eFX. I build myself a base with cut mirror, so the X-Wing and Y-Wing bases are hidden. Although their covers seem somewhat thin for covering SS, they are very well bonded to the two side pieces (you have the option for five panels, or a rolled top with two side panels).

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    Prices are all over the map. casesforcollectibles is cheaper with shipping than a local place that doesnt have to ship a 21x21x15 (huge) case. How is that? I also found Tom Spina Designs does cases. Anyone ever use them? They are slightly more expensive than CFC with shipping figured in but the actual case cost is less than the local supplier (whose price changed 20 dollars from one email to another - I think they make these prices up as they go.

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