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Thread: Khabarakh's Vintage Customs: NEW prequel figures

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    Khabarakh's Vintage Customs: NEW prequel figures

    Hey guys, I wanted a new thread as I have some new figures to post and wanted to do them thumbnail style, unlike in my old thread, which was getting cluttered with the huge pictures. I hope it's okay that I'm re-posting my old figures as well, but I wanted to have them all in one place. I've grouped them together so as to conserve space. We can let the old thread fall to the next page as far as I'm concerned. Mods, I hope this is all fine by you.

    As always, what I do differently is that I only use vintage pieces. I don't sculpt (except with paint, which I sometimes use to build volume and create new textures), and I don't incorporate any pieces from modern lines. I may one day use pieces from other vintage (non-SW) figures, but so far that hasn't been needed.

    Thanks for looking!


    First off, here are some thumbnails of the figures I've created so far and posted in the old thread:

    Rebel Troops
    Rebel fleet troopers (Han Trench Coat body, DS Commander head)
    Captain Antilles (Han Bespin body, DS commander head)

    Imperial Troops
    Sandtroopers (pauldrons from vinyl Vader cape, backpacks from survival kit)
    Garindan (DS Commander body, Palpatine head, Bib Fortuna tentacle for nose, Sandpeople eyes, dyed Squidhead cape)

    Tatooine Aliens
    BoShek (Bossk body, Han Bespin head, Madine boots, Luke Bespin forearms)
    Greedo (Greedo head/arms, Nien Nunb body, Luke Bespin boots)
    Ponda Baba (Walrusman head, Han Bespin body)
    Oola (Bespin Leia head and body - reshaped, Walrusman legs, Bib Fortuna tentacles)

    Tatooine good guys
    Biggs (Han Bespin body and head, 12 inch Vader cape)
    Luke (Farmboy Luke, Luke X-Wing Pilot right arm, poncho cut from Luke Jedi cloak)
    Owen (Luke Jedi body, Crix Madine head, Bib Fortuna cloak)
    Beru (Endor Leia torso/arms, Bib Fortuna legs, Bespin Leia head)

    Rebel Heroes
    Han Stormtrooper (Luke Stormtrooper body and helmet, Han head - small)
    Luke Death Star Escape (same figure as above, different accessories - stormtrooper belt cut from stormtrooper)
    Luke Yavin (Luke Bespin head, Han Bespin body, medal cut from Tauntaun reins)
    Han Yavin (Han Trenchcoat head and body - reshaped around collar, medal cut from tauntaun reins)
    Han Hoth, hood down (Han Hoth body and hollowed out hood, Han Trenchcoat head)
    General Rieekan (Han Hoth body, DS Commander Head resculpted to remove helmet, hair sculpted on with paint)

    Endor Briefing Leia (Endor Leia repaint)
    Graak (Logray body, Chirpa head, reshaped from Logray staff)
    Flitchee (Chirpa body/hood, Logray pouch reshaped)

    Rebel Pilots
    Biggs (Han Bespin head, Luke X-Wing body and hollowed out helmet, AT-ST Driver gloves)
    Luke (Luke Jedi head, Luke X-Wing body and hollowed out helmet, AT-ST Driver gloves)
    Wedge (Imperial Commander head - reshaped to remove hat, hair sculpted using paint; Luke X-Wing body and hollowed out helmet, AT-ST Driver gloves)
    Ten Numb (B-Wing Pilot body and helmet, Nien Nunb head and gloves)

    Throne Room Duel
    Luke Throne Room (Luke Jedi head, Luke Endor body)
    Darth Vader, removable helmet (Darth Vader helmet and body, shortened legs, resculpted and retextured with paint; AT-ST Driver gloves, Imperial Commander head re-shaped)

    Death Star Imperials

    See next post as these include some new figures

    Group Shot
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    Death Star Imperials
    Scanning Crew (AT-ST Driver bodies, Luke X-Wing Pilot forearms, Imperial Commander Heads)
    NEW! Death Star Droid (repaint)
    Death Star Troopers (DS Commander repaint)
    Grand Moff Tarkin (Imperial Commander body, Imperial Commander head re-shaped and re-sculpted with paint)
    NEW! Mouse Droid (Dagobah crate with front end re-sloped, wheels are pegs from the arms of other figures I've destroyed during my work)

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    And now, the new prequel customs!

    First we have Obi-Wan Kenobi:

    Obi-Wan is a Luke Jedi body. The head is from a Crix Madine. I've used a repro lightsaber. Any thoughts on what I should do for a cloak? Does he need one?

    Second we have Anakin Skywalker:

    Anakin is a Luke Jedi body and head, with a Darth Vader glove (actually just the wrist). I used an Imperial Commander forearm on the right arm so that he and Obi-Wan wouldn't have an identical flex, as I thought that would look kind of odd. The hair has been reshaped using paint. The lightsaber is repro. Not sure what to do for a cloak for him either, though.

    Here they are together:

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    One more angle of Anakin:

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    Those all look fantastic. Bravo!
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    Great work on Obi-Wan and Anakin, you've really captured what Kenner would have done if they'd made these back in the day. Not sure what you might do for their cloaks that's vintage but not just Jedi Luke's. There was a cloak in at least one of the Episode I sets that I seem to remember worked well with vintage figures and had the sleeves that the prequel robes have. Unless there's a way of adapting Bib Fortuna's coat, or Han's trench coat?
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    Thanks! Hadn't thought of Han's trench coat, that's an interesting one. Would have to figure out what the easiest way to color it would be.

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    Young Anakin

    The head is a Luke Stormtrooper head, which was leftover from my Han Stormtrooper custom (that figure was a total beater and cost me about $15. No way was I going to use a good quality one!) I still had the head lying around and Blue_Sky suggested using it for this figure.

    The body came from a Farmboy Luke. I shortened the legs in two places: where they meet the bottom of the tunic and at the top of the boots. It's subtle, and he's probably a little taller than he should be as you can see comparing him to Vader, but still child-sized. The arms are from a Bespin Leia.

    At some point I'll make him a podracing helmet but I didn't feel like Dremeling today.
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    can't get enough of them....great work!
    continuing the vintage custom at a time!

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    Great job on kid Anakin, the proportions work really well and the alterations to his legs are seamless.
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