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Thread: FS: Removable Hood Lili Ledy Jawa, AFA70 DT Luke w/ COA, AFA Loose Vaders

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    FS: Removable Hood Lili Ledy Jawa, AFA70 DT Luke w/ COA, AFA Loose Vaders

    For Sale: Lili Ledy Removable Hood Jawa. It was rejected by AFA for a two color stitching variation. Click the link below for full story and photos. MUST SELL $700!gallery/cro

    Very special thanks to Dark_DelToro for the communications on this figure. Below are links to his posts about this variation.


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    Loose AFA 80 DT Luke with COA - $700 plus shipping. MUST SELL

    PLease make offers

    email me at for pics and info.

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    AFA 80 Amanaman with POF AFA 85 Coin - $200 plus shipping.

    Email me for pics -
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    I wonder if the black stitching can be removed?
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    The stitching could absolutely be removed but based on my research, I personally refused to do so. The stitch color, stitch pattern and thread pattern, all seem to match the two other examples shown. I would rather sell it complete as is, than remove the stitching just for a grade as I am confident the variation is just too rare for AFA to authenticate.

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    Just a might want to combine all of your sale threads. You seem to have three running at once on the front page. This is against the forum rules. I would contact a mod for some help. Cool piece BTW. I wish I could afford him.
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    yeah I realized that after the fact, ill consolidate them today, thank!

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    I have consolidated the FS threads on you behalf.

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