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Thread: Later Generations of Hungarian Bootlegs

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    Later Generations of Hungarian Bootlegs

    I was looking through my bootleg binder in my Hungarian section and brought me to some questions. We are all familiar with Hungarian bootlegs (those of us anyway) but yet there was a "wave" of carded bootlegs that came on different color cards and with different fonts on the card that started to appear in the mid 2000's. These cards that came up were in different colors brown, gray and pink to name a few, and the logos were in a different font than the ones like I have. I do know that the molds of these Hungarian bootlegs were once up on the market years ago and was just curious if these different bootlegs on these different cards were the works of someone who purchased these molds and made newer packaging for the collectors market or were these some newly found variants? Does anyone here know who actually purchased these molds? And, were the figures of these different colored cards made of different plastics or details than ones found years before then? I have samples of these different colored cards and several Ebay auctions from years ago regarding these Hungarian bootlegs with different cards and different fonts. At the time they were thought to be just fake figures with homemade cards but what if these are actually a different "generation" of Hungarian bootlegs made with the original molds that were sold years ago?? I can talk all day about Mexican bootlegs in this same scenerio but what about Hungarian?? Thoughts and opinions???
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    I may be able to help as I had the same questions after I bought two Second Generation MOCs. Jedibabu was kind enough to help out with most of this info. There is also an online article (in Hungarian) here:

    Magyar Star Wars Klub

    Now, for those not fluent in Hungarian, like me , Jedibabu was also kind enough to translate this paragraph below:

    A naptár 1994-et mutatott, alig öt évvel azután, hogy az utolsó magyar figurát becsomagolták egy kőbányai gmk dohos pincéjében (egyes források szerint nem állt le a gyártás ez idő alatt sem), amikor a vidéki piacokon ismét felbukkantak a Star Wars univerzum magyar lovagjai. A figurák anyaga, kialakítása, festése azonos az első szériás magyar hamisítványokéval, változás (amit egyébként csak a legelvetemültebb gyűjtök vesznek észre) a csomagolás terén keresendő. Na persze, aki valami hatalmas csodára számít, az súlyosan téved, ugyanis semmi más nem történt, csupán az elhasználódott nyomóformát újragyártották (a nyomat a csomagoláson úgynevezett "szitanyomással" készült) és a kilencvenes évek nagyobb karton alapszín választékát kihasználva több színben kezdték el gyártani a dobozokat. A figura, a buborék és a fegyverzet, a már jól ismert és bevált tűzőkapcsos módszerrel lett ismét rögzítve a kartonokra. Ez a sztori a 90-es évek vége felé kifulladni látszott...

    Translation: "In 1994 five years after the production was ceased (some sources indicate production having continued even during these five years), the Hungarian star wars figures reappeared on markets of the countryside of Hungary. The figures’ material, form, paint was identical to the first series, but changes are noticeable to the serious collector on the packaging. What has happened is the sieves (used to create the different layers of the print - technology of the 80s) had to be reproduced. Also they took advantage of the wider cardboard color variety of the 90s for the cardbacks. The figure was attached to the cardback with stapling the bubble, weapons were also stapled as in the old times. Production seems to have been terminated in the late 90s…"

    I have two of these Second Generation figures (Red and Brown) pictured below. I've also added a First Generation (or original) Hungarian card below (Blue) for comparison:

    You'll notice that the text is slightly different and the bubble is also different from the First Generation Hungarian cards. The figures themselves look the same, but the capes are much thinner and the sabres are not nearly as rigid as the original - see below:

    Now there is also a Third generation, which is also referred to in that article:

    "a couple of fans thought it would be a good idea to remember about this story is worthy , and have tried to reproduce the Hungarian imitations. The "original" fakes were not available to them, why they chose the old method and is based on a true original , so-called "vintage " figures into account they set to work. Tried to re-create images based on the boxes , but since it was not intended to defraud , merely an expression of respect for the old manufacturers , which is why they did not seek a perfect identity . Their entire series (which the original Darth Vader and Yoda were not included) in the spring of 2004 was introduced to the fans . The lucky ones also could buy it. Stated with certainty that this is the third generation series of the rarest , and - though not from the eighties - an interesting accent to the Hungarian Star Wars series of fakes".

    These, in my opinion, are really not bootlegs, but fan-made copies of the original cards. However, that is just my opinion and they are nonetheless known as third generation - I'm still looking for a Vader one to add to my collection: bootleg or not.

    Cheers and I hope this helps.
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    Very interesting stuff, thanks for you help Pat. I'm assuming that these 2nd generations figures were made by different people (company) then which brings another question. Did these second gen. figures come from the same molds as the first ones? Or, were they cast from the first gen. figures? Usually when that happens there is a difference in sizes of the two figures, can you tell if your 1st and 2nd gen. Vaders are different in height?

    Even though I don't know Hungarian I was looking through that site and checked out the pics. I will say I didn't realize there were that many different ships, I've seen the orange one but not the others... very cool.
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    Steven A. Weimer

    "Only a bootleg collector would be happy with a 1 armed prune face that looks like it has passed through the family pet " - Joshua_A

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    I've seen this info before. I'm still reserving final judgement until more comes out.

    Evanplast was a real company that bought the Polish molds from Elektrospoldzielnia and professionally produced and store sold new waves. These I'm not sure about. I wonder if the molds were purchased and these were made just for collectors??

    They also claim to source back to 1994 but I was collecting in 1997 and never even saw these, ever. I started collecting bootlegs heavily and talking to Ron, Joe, Kim, Christian Emery and Rob Godwin in early 2000's and nobody ever mentioned these. I, honestly, was out of the game for a few years after Scott but once I came back I started seeing a flood of these. That's only the past 5 years. That takes it back to around 2009 for me. Joe says he may have seen some as far bask as 2005 but NOTHING from the previous 10 years and I highly doubt that Joe would have never seen any back then. He was at his height of buying from his business and throwing a LOT of money around.

    This so-called 3rd Gen, to me, is the only other line and IMHO is just what it says, fan made copies that are marketed to collectors. I'd love to be proven wrong.

    Anybody ever see any with substantial damage? Loose, played with ones that have damage? Any with price stickers?

    The guy on FB selling stacks of unused cardbacks and bubbles only adds to my fears. He's selling them like kits.

    and time will be, the catalyst to weed out the weak and beget strength-of character
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    The only thing I can add here, I once had some of those "3rd Gens" in hand. If I remember right it was Han, Leia, Snowtrooper and Chewbacca. A German friend bought these and asked me for help. This is what I noticed:
    The figures are very poorly made. They are casted not injection molded. They have loads of "airbubbles" to the surface and most important to me: They are casted from Kenner figures...not the original Hungarian ones. Same on the weapons....and not all had wepaons...though. I can't remember capes....maybe they had none??

    The cardbacks are just wrong. The have a black frame all around and are easy to spot.

    The crazy thing is I got a picture from a Hungarian seller with some loose figures.....very strange indeed....those were poorly painted...some werent painted at all...two had no face details....looked like test figures or stomething like that....but they had Kenner mold and weren't Hungarians at all. me the 3rd Gen stuff is fake.

    And I agree with JohnA: When I started to collect bootlegs the 2nd Gen never seemed to appear anywhere......and then there came a flood of those....not sure when??...2009-2010???

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    check for crazy cardback colorsv (i.e. at 2:09):
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    I am in Hungary right now. I will have a few of those FB offered 2nd gen cardbacks in my hands tomorrow. Will report back. Sofar what I know thise are not virgin cardbacks, but already once stapled packs.

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    I have seen yesterday a pile of cardbacks, all used with punched staple holes, some with blisters attached with one staple and a bunch of loose blisters. No figures.


    - these are the same 2nd gen cardbacks as we have been discussing
    - very vivid colours, pink, gold, silver, orange, purple, grass green, baby blue
    - font colours also in many color variations
    - cardboard thickness varies, from thinner than the 1st gen to 2-3x thickness
    - I have seen one hand written price 25 HUF, which seems to be too low for a mid 90s product, but could be the price of the cardboard
    - blisters are much thicker, with the veined textture, less flexible, less transparent, fragile, not very percisely cut, with surplus going over the cardback
    - I have seen a few small blisters, which are unique 2nd gen variations for yoda and wicket
    - as said all cards are seemingly old, not fresh stock, all stapled, staples are certainly old, most of them rusted

    I have purchased a few samples. Will post pics next week when back home.

    To me this find did not reveil any definite positive or negative evidence to judge if the 2nd gen is legit or not.
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