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Thread: My First Custom- Yakface

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    My First Custom- Yakface

    I had some spare parts around, so I decided to throw together a custom for the first time. I decided to make Yakface, as he is in dire need of an update, and it doesn't look like Hasbro is planning on releasing him anytime soon. The figure was designed to have 14 POA, but he only ended up having 12 POA because of me being an amateur at customizing (I had to sacrifice a wrist and a shoulder due to complications). If anyone has any advice for me I'd be glad to hear it, as he is clearly far from perfect! Thanks!

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    Images are not loading sir.

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    Shoot! I can't seem to get the photos to load... This is the first time I've uploaded an image to the forum, so I'm not too familiar with the process. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could walk me through it! Thanks!

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    Click on "Photo Gallery" at the top and then click "My Albums." You'll be able to create albums and upload pics to them. Once you have pics in your albums all you have to do is click the "My Photos" button at the bottom of the text window when you are posting and another window will pop up with your pics in them.

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