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I guess I still don't understand why these companies make a bit more of their products, to keep the retail price intact for longer.
Itís definitely a balancing act of gauging demand vs the risk of unsold stock.

Currently, Jango/Clones/Battle Droids/Ep 2 Obi-Wan, have been some of the slower sellers in the line. Figuarts then shifted focus to a made to order number count for the last 3 prequel figs (Ep2 Ani, Padme, and Qui Gon). This prevents them from sitting on stock and having to slash prices to move the entire production run.

If being a webshop exclusive is the only way to get some prequel figures, I can live with it. But I wonít pay the preorder prices for all Prequel figures. Picking and choosing is definitely the way to go.

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