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Thread: Post Office Insurance Claim Fun!

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    Post Office Insurance Claim Fun!

    I shipped a 12 Back graded AFA-85 to someone a state away. High graded, good price... packed well. The toy arrived and the figure cracked a good circle (1cm? / size of the head). Still a displayable piece.

    So... box insured and let the fun begin!!!!

    I filed the claim online. Received the information and claim number etc. The buyer took the item to the post office. They signed a sheet for him that they inspected it, and are holding the item pending the outcome. They have the item, all the information of the listing....sales....value... why the item is damaged. We just wait now for the verdict.

    The verdict arrives exactly 30 days later. Claim Denied. Why? Because the buyer never gave the toy to the post office to inspect. I called USPS a number of times and finally got the right person who knows what is going on. She tells me that the claim I submitted online, took awhile to kick in. So the data of the item was received and looked at by the buyer's post office was never logged in, because the claim was still in motion of just being activated. The toy was taken in a few days after the claim was started. Joy. At least I can appeal...

    So the buyer and me worked out...and all is well.

    The buyer went back after a month to pick the item up. He waited 30 minutes at the post office (SMALL POST OFFICE) to find this magical box. When they come from back room with the box, the box was empty. He waited another 45 minutes... and they found the toy. Now the case is more damaged. The figure is also off the card...figure and bubble flopping around in the case.

    Just sad to see something that survived so long packaged get destroyed. Let alone the handling that one Post Office did... wow.
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    I feel your pain brother, my postal service here in the UK must employ exclusively f***wits.

    Despite being clearly marked FRAGILE PLEASE DO NOT BEND OR CRUSH , there have been several times in the last 2 years when stuff has been banged up and in fact just the other day I had another one.

    Currently suing them for the fifth time.
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    I recently bought a 12 inch gentle giant. That arrived with a damaged bubble, royal mails response was that insurance doesn't cover packaging. I was lucky that the seller refunded me out if his own pocket

    Out if interest how do I go about sueing them
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    Insurance most definitely DOES cover packaging when it is an inherent part of an antique or collectable item.

    Here is a link to their standard loss and damaged mail info. hopefully you won't need to go as far as court, but I have been so pissed off by their repeatedly damaging stuff that I took it to court to claim item value and out of pocket expenses.
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    Definitely sad to see a nice piece get damaged like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMSbull View Post

    Currently suing them for the fifth time.
    So have you won any of these court cases?

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    Get insurance, use the required shipping options (not UPS) and deal with professionals.

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    Major bummer, sorry to hear about your troubles and the death of another nice MOC!! Sometimes I wonder if the postal workers are playing soccer with the packages in the back room. I've watched a worker at my local post office stamp fragile on one of my packages and the proceed to drop it 3 feet into a package box. The best thing to do is to double box, use plenty of packaging, and hope for the best...
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    Insult + injury = ouch! Lol

    I hate hearing about this stuff. Makes me wonder how much great stuff gets destroy this way.

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    What is more frustrating is postal offices around the world are realising that ebay sales are an increased source of income. Australia Post - who is usually very good - have actually started tailoring options specifically for package sales. This includes boxes, packing materials and postage costs.

    What these idiotic postal workers don't understand is that they are hurting themselves. If post offices continue to have to pay insurance costs, and lose revenue because sellers use different carriers, those postal workers will be out of a job. Very short-sighted.

    On a personal note, I just cannot even understand the mindset that some people have when it comes to property that is not their own. Maybe I was lucky in my upbringing - I was always taught to be careful with my own stuff, and even more careful with stuff that wasn't mine.........

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