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Thread: Misb bought from store with price tags revenge mini rigs?

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    Misb bought from store with price tags revenge mini rigs?

    Has there ever been misb anything revenge misb from toy store?

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    From some eBay listings, yeah. From a toy store, most likely not.

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    Search Brian Syra and his views.

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    Surely that would have been non-factory manufactured ie revenge box flat made up and toy inserted. As far as I know no Revenge packaging found it's way into retail.

    Pretty Kool little project though; to have a mint Revenge box flat and all the other elements mint ie inserts, paperwork(revenge instructions-if they exist?, sticker sheet catalogue! Am thinking Falcon or BD X-Wing!!!
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    I'd need to see definitive proof to believe they were sold in stores. A box with tape and wear on it doesn't prove a whole lot. Revenge box flats of these things were around for years. And, believe it or not, many early collectors assembled them to make them seem like production items.

    In reference to the linked thread from '08: I have sample/EP/QC pieces that are taped up. I don't think tape/no tape is an indicator of anything.

    My guess is that the ones have turned up randomly are just examples that made it out of Kenner years ago, either through the employee store or through people simply picking them out of the trash or whatever. That happens. Remember that several people have found first shots through random eBay sellers in the recent past. Those weren't sold in stores either.
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    LMAO! What an interesting thread. I would like to know too if anything ever made it past Kenner QC and onto the shelves of a toy store. I think this might be a possibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeerDrakon View Post
    LMAO! What an interesting thread. I would like to know too if anything ever made it past Kenner QC and onto the shelves.
    You have to keep in mind that the change from Revenge to Return happened '82. (Reference this: Prototype Designs for Revenge and Return Kenner Shelf-Talkers - Star Wars Collectors Archive). That's a long time before the production toys were being packaged.

    It's more than likely that no Revenge proofs or flats were even around the facility at which the packaging of the toys was being done. The name change happened before all that was set up, stocked, etc.

    Is it possible that, somehow, a batch of old Revenge flats ended up at the packaging facility, and then was used to box up toys? Possibly. But I really think it's about as unlikely as a batch of ROTJ figures being mounted to Revenge proofs and sent to stores.
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    The Canadian Battle Damaged TIE Fighter was released with a Revenge logo in french:

    Return of the Jedi Vehicles (The Canadian Star Wars Gallery)

    Rather than being a purposeful decision, this was an oversight on Kenner Canada's part. Since we received our package design templates from Kenner USA, Kenner Canada received the original Revenge box templates from Kenner USA to make the Canadian packaging and Kenner Canada translated the english text to french. Once the movie name changed, the new logo was provided to Kenner Canada, however, they only updated the english logo on the box. The french logo was overlooked and it remained "Revenge".

    The logo was updated on other early 1983 Canadian toy releases for both english and french but not for the Battle Damaged TIE Fighter. The Battle Damaged TIE Fighter is the only production item (in Canada at least) to have been released at retail with a Revenge logo.

    I've also heard (but can't confirm) that some early 1983 Japanese action figure releases have "Revenge" on the card/sticker when directly translated to english.
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    Very interesting!
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