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Thread: ANOVOS Darth Vader Costume

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    ANOVOS Darth Vader Costume

    Prepare to strike fear into the hearts of Jedi and Rebels — at events and conventions — everywhere. is excited to reveal ANOVOS’ highly detailed Darth Vader costume based on the iconic villain’s look from The Empire Strikes Back. Referencing original artifacts from the Lucasfilm Archives as well as numerous background images, ANOVOS has created a fully wearable costume that balances both comfort and accuracy. Designed with costumers in mind, features include a self-aligning helmet (using magnets and keyed locking mechanisms), a built-in helmet ventilation system, reinforced shoulder bell hinges, and strategically placed ventilation mesh in both the Premier and Standard edition undersuits. ANOVOS has also maintained film-accurate details such as an asymmetrical mask, two-tone paint scheme, and 100 percent wool crepe cape.


    • Self-aligning helmet with ventilation fan system and suspension system
    • Mantle/shoulder bell piece
    • Chestbox complete with leather straps and functioning LED lights
    • Belt with boxes, buckle and lightsaber clip
    • Codpiece
    • Shin armor pieces
    • Wool cape
    • Under robe
    • Under suit (your choice of Premier or Standard)
    • Gloves (your choice of Premier or Standard)

    Note: Boots and lightsaber are not included due to current licensing agreement.

    Construction details:

    • High-quality fiberglass armor piece construction with finished undersides/backs/interiors
    • Premiere undersuit constructed from quality grade leather
    • Standard undersuit constructed from faux leather

    Design details:

    • Helmet features interlocking magnets and keys to ensure consistent alignment for costuming
    • Chest and shoulder armor constructed with alignment bars for proper shoulder hinging and placement
    • Chestbox based on screen-used archive reference with electronics
    • 100% wool crepe cape
    • Premier leather undersuit will feature two-piece construction with back zipper
    • Standard undersuit will feature one-piece jumpsuit construction with mesh ventilation

    More pictures here.

    So who's tempted to buy this?

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    Holy Cow..!!!! Theres some amazing stuff starting to come out - let alone whatever else is revealed in a couple of days time...

    Pity im only 5 ft 10 - Id be the tiniest DV ever in this suit.....

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    I don't even want to think what this will cost. I've got close to 3kin mine. This will probably be 4-5k.

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    Seriously, between the immovable SSC statues and Anovos outfits, I'm gonna look for the rebel trooper in pajamas so I can costume and still have food money.

    Great looking job gents!

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    So will this one be cheaper than SS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcoffman99 View Post
    I don't even want to think what this will cost. I've got close to 3kin mine. This will probably be 4-5k.
    Yes, and you built yours. You put a lot of effort into sourcing the parts, and assembling it to your liking. You have something you are really proud of.

    Dont get me wrong, this looks terrific. But doesn't it take some of the fun out of it when it's just a one and done purchased costume?

    [oldmanvoice]In my day, to join the 501st, you had to cut your own styrene with an exacto knife. And we bled all over our costumes, and we liked it![/ oldmanvoice]

    I don't blame anyone who buys it, but I'm always proud to tell people how I built my costumes.

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    Lol Andy. I also have had two people mess with me when it comes to buying a helmet. And I still need a helmet. This might be the only way I ever get one.

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    If they sell it separately, go for it! Sounds like it'll be built with the costumer comfort in mind.

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    Hopefully they will offer a soft parts only package.
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