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Thread: Clone Wars "99" Custom Action Figure created by Darth Daddy

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    Clone Wars "99" Custom Action Figure created by Darth Daddy

    I've always had a soft spot for 99. I really respect 99's love for his fellow brothers. Although, 99 wasn't considered to be worthy for battle, he was still brave enough to make the ultimate sacrifice defending Kamino during its invasion. The immense heart that 99 exemplified throughout the first two episodes of Clone Wars Season 3 made me want to pay tribute to the character. I threw him together over the course of the week and made all of his accessories, other than backpack and helmet, by hand. I have been really wanting to make this action figure for a really long time now. I really geeked out when I finally got him finished. Definitely one of my favorite clones of all-time.

    Clone Wars "99" Custom Action Figure
    created by Darth Daddy

    I fabricated Hevy's medal out of Green Stuff that I rolled flat and allowed to dry. I then cut out the shapes I needed with a scissor.

    Ready for battle!


    Head - Sculpted onto a Clone Wars "Captain Rex" with both Aves Fixit and Green Stuff

    Upper Torso - Sculpted onto a Clone Wars "Mandalorian Police Officer" with both Aves Fixit and Green Stuff

    Arms - Hard-sculpted Clone Wars "Quinlan Vos" with Dremel

    Lower Torso - Modified Clone Wars "Mace Windu" (shortened with Xacto Knife)

    Hands - Modified Unknown Hands

    Knees - Clone Wars "Pirate Speederbike Cad Bane"

    Boots - "Mandalorian Police Officer"

    Belt - Sculpted with Green Stuff

    Backpack - Clone Wars "Clone Trooper Draa"

    Star Wars: Customs for the Kid: Clone Wars "99" Custom Action Figure created by Darth Daddy

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    Guys that looks utterly superb! you totally nailed it!
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    Finaly someone made 99. Great job !
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    This is definitely a character that would never be produced by Hasbro, even if they still had TCW rolling. Great incarnation! Your sculpting on this guy is excellent...perfectly echoes the physical deformity he had in the Kamino episodes. The facial features are most impressive---the best part of this figure!
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    Thanks everyone. This is one of my favorites out of all the figures I've made. I only wish the pictures came out as good as the figure. I had a hard time photographing this one.

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