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Thread: X-Wings in Ep7!

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    X-Wings in Ep7!

    New video reveals updated X-Wing:

    You Could Be in Star Wars: Episode VII | Omaze

    And the official Twitter account confirms it's not a "Z-95 Headhunter", as some have been speculating.

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    Spoilers versus B.S. here....

    Star Wars Episode 7 plot details leaked: What do we know about the film? | Metro News

    Read at your peril and decide for yourself.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    God, seeing that new X-Wing just EXISTING is so awesome.
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    I like the redesigned X-wing, especially the weathered "used universe" look. Practical sets, puppets, and real locations are all good signs. It'll be interesting which figures we'll be seeing in the next year. I'd be happy with first wave of the line looking something like this:

    Carded figures:

    • Old Han
    • Old Chewie
    • Princess Leia Solo
    • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (with beard)
    • C-3PO
    • R2-D2
    • John Boyega
    • Daisy Ridley
    • Domhnall Gleeson
    • Max von Sydow
    • Andy Serkis (likely a creature)
    • Adam Driver
    • Oscar Isaac
    • Desert Merchant Alien
    • Rebel Pilot (Perhaps new republic pilot)
    • Trooper (of some sort)

    • ​Millenium Falcon
    • New X-wing
    • Giant Pig

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    Dude, this area is for film chat, not figure wish lists.
    May you live in interesting times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    Dude, this area is for film chat, not figure wish lists.
    Why can't I discuss both?'s exciting to see new stuff emerge as they continue filming. I just hope that Harrison's injury doesn't cause any major delays in the release date. I know J.J. and Disney haven't seen eye to eye on that. Personally, I think Star Wars should come out in May, like it always has.

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    They may say it's an x-wing, but that wing sure looks like one piece to me.

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    Seeing that X-Wing boosts my excitement and anticipation for Ep 7 to the 11th setting on my SW amp!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by scha1034 View Post
    Why can't I discuss both?
    This is the film section as previously mentioned. Secondly we'll be seeing all the actors you've mentioned in figure form in 2015/16 and thirdly we're not discussing figures here, let alone listing characters we don't even know what they look like or names are yet besides the returnees names. Let's stick to the film news please.

    some vehicle threads were started in the general discussion toy section

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