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Thread: The quality of ebay?

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    The quality of ebay?

    Is it just me or does it seem like the quality of ebay is going down? When I started major collecting in the mid 90's, you could still find nice vintage Star Wars items for reasonable prices. I guess with the upcoming movies, now you see a lot of high priced crap. Autographs are reprints, figures are recards or fakes, weapons are reproductions, and even AFA's are faked. Don't get me wrong, you can still find good stuff on ebay. It's just not like it use to be.
    I'm looking for vintage weapons and a Wampa MIB!!!!
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    There seem to be very few actual auctions anymore. Everything is either "Buy it Now" or it's starting at a really high price.

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    Aren't their fees and charges out of control these days?? Obviously has put a lot of people off - the variety is a lot crappier lately...??

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    I've seen a lot of really high buy it nows but the seller will take best offers.

    Is there a way to see how much the selling best offer was? I think that also helps drive the price up. If an item as a buy it now of $1000 and a best offer is accepted, you don't know what that best offer was. Was it 50% off? 25% off? 10% off? Now the next person who wants to sell a similar item doesn't have a comparable to guess what the going rate is.

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    Click on PRINT , and i find the sold price comes up....

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    andrewb - that is AWESOME! Sick discovery!
    Always looking for Emperor's Royal Guard & Droids rare and pre-production items
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    Ebay is what it is, its the garbage-found-item swap meet of the internet. To find anything of real value, you have to wade through the 98% percent combination of listings that are...

    1. Worthless crap no one wants/collects
    2. Overpriced low end barely collectable starter items
    3. Knock-offs and mislisted/hyped items
    4. Decent Items with BIN's between 35-200% over full retail.

    Its like this in all hobbies. Add into that the horrendously incompetent bordering on cruelly indifferent "Ebay Support" of script reading morons, you really get a clean picture of what Ebay is.

    Think about it, This is where the bottom-feeders go to "get rich". Ive been selling on ebay off and on for over a decade, its gotten to the point its really not worth dealing with unless you want to unload crap, or are selling something very unique with no other online selling venues.
    If thats your buying public, why would you ever sell them anything worth having?

    Go to ebay to snipe the occasional rare great item, go to ebay to find dumb people selling the equivlent of "gold" for the price of "copper". But dont go there thinking you will consistently find good items being sold on the open market bidding system. The few times it actually happens are so infrequent unless you have the patience of Job its not worth it.
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    Since I got back into collecting back in late 06 early 07 it's definitely gone down hill. So far so I just never check it out anymore. I used to check it several times a day back then.
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    I have noticed the same - but where do you go to find stuff now? (Other than this forum of course). For a collector like me - living in the "*** end of space" as Troops so aptly put it - I have to do 95% of my trading online... - My feedback thread.

    Also on ebay as user vintagetodd.

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    Thx LC2oi - But someone on here initially let us know about it a few months ago....Very handy , of course...
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