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Thread: jeditaz stuff for trade....something for everyone

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    jeditaz stuff for trade....something for everyone

    ALL PRICES ARE OR BEST OFFER!!! Nothing set in stone. Everything LOOSE COMPLETE unless stated. Paypal preferred, payment as gift or add in fees. Buy more, save more. Some figures have cardbacks, inquire if interested. Trades not limited to whats below, but they are my priorities. Will look at lists. Shipping is additional. Will ship international if you have great feedback. Please, if I pm you a response back, have the courtesy to at least pm me back and decline my offer. I am a more than willing negotiator. Just dont want to chase you down.

    Generations Gears
    Titans Return Topspin
    Titans Return Perceptor
    Mmc feral rex (would love to trade tfc ares for this)
    Tfc Liokaiser
    Prime FE Bulkhead
    Masterpiece Star Saber
    Tfcc runabout and runamuck low low priority
    KFC B Box and Birdbomber
    BTS Nightfang
    X transbots stax
    Joe, star wars, marvel, dc 3 3/4.....lmk what you have


    Power Rangers
    Star Wars
    Gi Joe
    Marvel Universe etc
    Video Game Figures

    Power Rangers

    Legacy White Tigerzord MiB..only opened to inspect 50

    Third Party

    Igear Hench 25
    Igear Spray G2 Chrome 25
    Mech Ideas Apex and Geminus MIB 100
    Toyworld Orion 85
    MMC Terminus Hexatron MIB 70
    TFC toys Ares loose complete. Tip of horn broke on the rhino, barely noticeable. 310
    Xtransbots Sonic MIB 15
    Warbotron bruticus all 5 and shockwave MiB...heavy treads screw covers are not there. never got them 325
    Toyworld Hegemon v1, figure only, no sword, mace, stock or barrel extension 70
    Perfect Effect Rumble and Frenzy mib 35
    Fansproject Code MIB 35

    CHUG...Classics, Henkei, Universe, Generations

    Combiner Wars Bruticus, No Vortex, 40
    Combiner Wars Bombshell x2 8 each
    Combiner Wars Windcharger 5
    Classics Rodimus / Hot Rod 15
    Henkei Optimus Prime 50
    Henkei Astrotrain 20
    RTS Perceptor MIB 15
    RTS Perceptor 10
    Generations Warpath MIB 20
    Generations Blitzwing, shoulder fix done 15
    Generations Thunderwing 10
    Generations voyager Brainstorm 15
    Generations Blurr 10
    Generations FOC Brawl 5
    PCC Grimstone and dinobots 20
    Universe 2.0 Silverbolt 8

    TF Prime

    First Edition Bumblebee 10
    Voyager Thundertron 20


    TRU Bumblebee evolution 2 pack loose complete 10

    Star Wars

    Comic Pack Mara Jade, custom painted fleshtones 10

    Saga legends Jedi Temple Guard x2 35 each
    Black Series Commander Wolffe 10
    Legacy Clone Trooper Heavy Arc Gunner (quad) 10
    Saga Legends Captain Rex (realistic 5 poa) 4
    Vintage Luke Jedi (vc23) 15
    McQuarrie C3P0 and R2 D2 15
    Clone Wars 03 Deluxe Durge with Swoop. Durge custom painted 20
    Saga 03 Wampa no ice base, 10

    CW Ahsoka (first version) both sabers and backpack, rotta...10

    GI Joe

    GIJCC Joecon 14 Ozone 30

    50th Torpedo 7
    50th Low Light 10
    50th Blowtorch (yellow/red) 7

    ROC Accelerator Suit Duke 6
    ROC City Strike Snake Eyes 6

    POC Firefly 7

    Retaliation Gi Joe Trooper, Blue gear 15
    Retaliation Blind Master 8


    50th Silent Strike set HISS Tank (orange) with driver and gunner 25
    True Heroes Black F-22 Raptor 30
    Poc Deviant mech no figure 15
    Retaliation Ninja Combat Cruiser 20
    Retaliation HISS tank 20
    Phantom X19. Has been painted black, cockpit slide on one side is made from styrene. Can take pics if needed. 65 neg
    Chap Mei black Little Bird Helicopter 10


    Avengers Movie Iron Man with Stark Tech Armor 25
    Avengers Movie Loki 6
    MU Spiderman (lighter blue) 5
    MU Comic Pack Bucky Captain America 8
    IM2 War Machine Blue Reactor Variant MOSC 10
    XMO Wolverine Classic Wolverine 6

    DC Multiverse Nightwing from croc pack, 10
    DC Multiverse Hush MOC 8

    Movie Masters General Zod, not armored 6
    Movie Masters Superman 6
    Movie Masters Superman Black 6
    DCUC New 52 Superman 8

    Lots more to come...marvel wars...joe...and of course tfs
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    Show me your trade lists...will entertain most anything

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    Bump....added a bunch of new stuff. Willing to look at any trade list!

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    Bump....when you add more stuff, bump....when you drop some prices, bump

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