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Thread: Takara R2-D2 on ebay - definitely "watch out"

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    Takara R2-D2 on ebay - definitely "watch out"

    So last week John Walsh posted this auction (since ended) for a Takara R2 that had been damaged. Seller noted that the bubble had been sliced at the bottom, top and left sides. Pics in the auction showed R2 outside of the bubble with the cardback due to this damage. Also note that clear sticker removal damage in the upper right corner.

    Here's the original auction: UsMjI0Di%252FWWOnFAM4QNfYk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt= nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

    That auction ended with a final price of $66.

    Now look at this one... different seller, but seems pretty clear that this is the same figure. The description notes that the bubble has been "sliced" and there's the same sticker damage. But now there's no picture of R2 outside of the bubble. And the price is now $799 BIN.

    New auction: 2ea

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    Seller has several items that were for "won" last week by the seller in the first auction I posted. So it's not just R2 that you should watch out for.

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    I also noticed the Luke 12 back that he won last week and paid $142.50 and is now selling for $799.99. He doesn't post a pic of the damage like the original seller did.

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    Note the weapons present in the stormtroopers and Han Solo.
    Also where did the Chewbacca and Princess Leia go?
    I checked recent ended auction under the seller Mrs.b13 name and there is no completed auction for Leia or Chewy.
    He must have forgot to provide that info.

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