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    For Sale List

    Some MOC figures for sale, all $10.00 unless noted and prices do not include shipping. Buy more and save on shipping. Any questions please feel free to ask. Now on to the list:

    Vintage Collection

    US Cards:

    Luke Jedi - Revenge Card $15.00
    Sandtrooper x 3
    Rebel Commando x 4
    Admiral Ackbar x 2 (2 SOLD)
    Darth Vader (ESb) x 5
    Darth Vader (Revenge Card) x 2
    Luke Death Star Escape x 2 SOLD
    Wicket x 1 (2 SOLD)
    Clone Trooper (AOTC) x 2
    Senate Guard (AOTC) x 2
    Obi-Wan (AOTC) SOLD
    Jango Fett SOLD
    Clone trooper (Rots) x 2 - 1 with rocket Fett offer
    Obi-Wan (Rots) x 2 SOLD
    Anakin PENDING
    Clone trooper (212)
    General Grievous SOLD
    Luke Bespin x 2 SOLD
    C-3PO SOLD
    4-Lom PENDING
    Dengar SOLD
    Han Echo Base x 2 (2 UGH SOLD)

    Canadian Cards:
    Darth Maul
    Tie Pilot - revenge card PENDING
    Stormtrooper PENDING
    Rebel Commando - Dark version PENDING
    Emperors Royal Guard SOLD
    Imperial Navy Officer
    Luke Hoth
    Rebel Solider (Echo base) - $15.00 Sold
    Yoda - $15.00 PENDING
    Boba Fett - Revenge Card $15.00 PENDING
    Deleted Scene Wave - 5 figs $65.00
    The Clone Wars - Set of 3 $45.00
    Expanded Universe - Set of 3 $60.00 Sold

    Clone Wars - US Cards

    CW01 Captain Rex
    CW02 Obi-Wan Kenobi
    CW03 Clone Commander Cody x 2
    CW04 Destroyer Droid x 2
    CW05 Yoda x 4
    CW06 Count Dooku x 2
    CW07 Anakin SKywalker (Spacesuit) x 3
    CW09 Mandalorian Police Officer x 4
    CW10 General Grievous PENDING
    CW11 Aurra Sing
    CW13 Cad Bane
    CW14 Clone Pilot Oddball
    CW15 Asajji Ventress PENDING
    CW16 Super Battle Droid x 5
    CW18 ARF Trooper
    CW19 Battle Droid x 7
    CW20 Mace Windu x 4
    CW22 Battle
    CW27 R2-D2
    CW38 Clone Trooper Jet PENDING
    CW39 Hondo Ohnaka PENDING
    CW40 Obi-Wan Kenobi
    CW41 Clone Trooper Hevy (Training gear) x 2
    CW45 Anakin Skywalker x 3
    CW46 Aqua Droid x 2
    CW47 El-Les x 2
    CW48 Clone Commander Wolffe x 2 PENDING
    CW53 PLO Koon (cold weather)
    CW55 Savage Opress $15.00
    CW56 ARF Trooper x 2
    CW57 Stealth Clone Trooper x 2
    CW60 Kit Fisto (cold weather) PENDING
    CW61 Seripas PENDING
    CW62 Captain Rex (rocket pack)

    Red Cards - US 2009

    CW47 Firefighter Droid x 2 PENDING
    CW18 Anakin Skywalker x 2
    CW22 Cad Bane x 2
    CW49 Magnaguard PENDING

    Canadian Cards
    CW55 Savage Opress $15.00
    CW56 Savage Opress (double bladed saber) $20.00
    CW03 Savage Opress (Darth Maul packaging)

    Canadian Exclusive Wave Lot of 8 - Yoda packaging $80.00
    Obi-Wan, Savage Opress, Anakin, Captain Rex, R2-D2, 501st Trooper, Commander Cody, Battle Droid
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    PM sent for the following.

    Luke Death Star Escape

    Admiral Ackbar
    Obi-Wan (AOTC)
    Jango Fett
    General Grievous
    Luke Bespin
    Han Echo Base
    Obi-Wan (Rots)
    Expanded Universe - Set of 3 $60.00
    Emperors Royal Guard
    Rebel Solider (Echo base) - $15.00

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    Most figures are pending but please feel free to contact with any questions

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    Missed another great opportunity to own the TVC C-3PO!

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    PM sent for CW items...if they are still available.

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