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Thread: Which clones are in the films?

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    Which clones are in the films?

    As I'm preparing to set up my new collection room, I'm trimming the fat and narrowing my focus some (5-6 more movies, you say?!). Part of the process is citing out most clones that aren't in the films. Episode II is simple enough. Basic whites, yellow pilots, clone kids, red training duds, and the officers (red, green, yellow, blue). Episode III is a little murkier for me. Is there a definitive list of which clone troopers actually appear on screen in Episode III? I got a feeling a lot of the clones in my collection are from the Expanded Universe.

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    Actually, I was able to answer my own question. Jedibusiness has filters you can run on their archive that show troops by movie. Here's a link for anyone else interested: Clone Trooper Action Figures

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