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Thread: Help ID my star wars poster

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    Help ID my star wars poster

    A few years ago I went to an estate sale at the house of an antique dealer who had recently died. In one of the children's rooms was a star wars poster with a nice matte but in a really crappy metal frame that was falling apart. The people running the estate sale didn't know anything about it so I got it for cheap.

    Once I got it home and took it out of the frame, I noticed that it was unlike any star wars poster I have ever seen. The copyright text etc was on the sides instead of underneath the picture. Also the paper material was much sturdier almost like thick cardstock.

    It's not in mint condition. There is a 2 inch tear at the bottom, and there is a little rust (?) that partially obliterates the last few letters of "Copyright Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation" and the text on the right side is slightly sun faded due to the bad frame letting light in for 30 years.

    Can anyone help identify the version of the poster? The bottom right says 77/21. Is it real? I'm hoping since it came from an antique dealer, it might be some rare variation.

    I can't upload attachments so I put the pics in my photo album

    my star wars poster - Rebelscum Photo Hosting


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    It's a rare 30" x 40" version of the Tom Jung poster on card stock from 1977.

    A number of 27" x 41" posters, from different movie titles, from around that time were produced in smaller quantities on card stock at 30" x 40".

    Very nice.

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    It's hard to tell from your pictures, but based on your description I would venture that you have a 30x40 SW style A. These were higher quality - printed on card stock - and less produced than the typical one-sheet (27x41) - which was printed on poster paper and then usually folded.

    I don't have a value on it. I never cared for 30x40 posters because of the big white borders on the sides. It made the poster seem small.

    That said, measure the poster and make sure it's not trimmed. A trimmed poster is usually worth less than a poster that just has some sun damage.
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    Thanks to everyone who replied.

    I measured the poster and it is indeed 30W x 40H. I don't think it is trimmed because the text on the borders is complete and there is even some extra space until the end of the paper.

    I have uploaded a full res version of the picture here : View image: IMG 5039 if that helps

    Thanks again!

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