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Thread: Terminology question: what are "recards"

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    Terminology question: what are "recards"

    First-generation Star Wars fan/collector here, but I haven't bought anything "new" in the past 20+ years (passed on getting any Prequel toys), so as I've been getting back into things to sell some of my vintage items, I've been amazed at the number of fakes/forgeries that I've seen people post about here. I had no idea there was this much going on! It looks like I'll have some decisions to make before I choose what way I want to go, selling things straight, sending things to AFA to be graded, etc.

    I do have one question at the moment: what exactly are "recards"? I've read some about the Toytoni scandal, that appears to have been a purchase of "real" late-era Star Wars cards, that had figures mounted on them in new blisters, but for true vintage figures (12 back, 20 back, etc), are the "recards" that I've seen people mention faked cards that were mass printed, and then had vintage figures mounted on them in new blisters, or are they complete fakes, new manufacture figures on new cards? Are any of them "garage-produced" (someone with a color printer and cardboard making fakes one at a time), or are they "mass produced" from outside of the country, like the "Red card" Darth Vader 12 back I've seen from multiple sellers?

    Thanks for the welcome I've received on the board so far as well. I even made up an icon of a pic I took of myself wearing a 1980 THINKING CAP COMPANY Imperial Death Star Officer's cap. Hopefully that won't invalidate my status as "Rebel Scum".


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    A recard is an original figure on a fake cardback with a fake bubble. The weapons/acces. are mostly fake as well. The cardbacks usualy are from color(laser)printers and similar (glued to cardboard etc). There are variants on this, but this is what people generaly mean with a recard.

    A recard can mostly be spotted by comparing known genuine items (like AFA-graded ones). The bubble is almost never correct, non-punched or in the wrong spot. Colors that are of..etc...etc...etc.

    There are not many figures being produced new (though there is a thread on possibilities) but there are stormtroopers out there. You also have the many Rocket Fett's and Glasslite Vlix', but those are customs, completely fake.

    The ToyToni's seem to be authentic materials (fig/bubble/card/weapon/acces), but the seal seems to be fake (a recent seal). So those aren't true recards. They apear to be a different kind of fake, unique ones that are easliy mistaken for true items (AFA is/was fooled, so were all of us (to a certain degree)).

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    My understanding of "recard" in the strict sense is a loose vintage figure replaced on a vintage card with a vintage bubble. That is, a toy that has been opened then placed back on its card.

    "Custom carded" figures are loose vintage figures that have been placed on a newly-made reproduction card with a reproduction bubble.

    "Toy Tonis" are loose vintage figures that have been placed on real vintage cards with real vintage bubbles, but sealed in the modern era outside a factory.

    Aside from Stormtroopers and perhaps some Chinese Luke farmboys etc., I'm not aware of current mass-produced repros of vintage figures. The Stormtroopers I've seen are easily distinguished from true vintage despite having a vintage COO.

    The custom carded figures you see nowadays are, I expect, mostly made by cottage producers using repro cardbacks and bubbles they got on eBay. There are also some eBay sellers who will sell you a full custom carded MOC.

    I hope this is helpful.



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    Your description of a recard is more in the line of a reseal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ_van_Zelst View Post

    Your description of a recard is more in the line of a reseal.
    Yes, good point. In that case I think you could define "recard" the same as "custom card" above.



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