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Thread: Harrison Ford ankle injury

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    Harrison Ford ankle injury

    So a couple of days ago Harrison Ford injured his ankle. The millennium falcon hydraulic door fell on his ankle. I want to know what you guys think about this incident. P.s. I hope Harrison Ford gets well. :.(

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    I, for one, feel that the Falcon needs to be put down, as it is clearly a danger to anyone around it.
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    Ugh! He struggled with back problems during (I think) ROTJ or Raiders, so hopefully he'll do fine with this. Not great news for a 71-year old, though. It's really surprising this would happen on a production a like E7.

    Get well, Han!
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    ouch yeah from a hurt ankle to a broke leg is a much bigger thing and as others have said he is not a young guy. well that sucks and I hope he is ok.

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    An article posted on Hollywood is reporting that sources have told The Sun newspaper (who earlier provided a pic of Harrison Ford in a wheelchair after surgery) that Ford will be undergoing six months of rehab back home in the United States to recover from his broken left leg.
    It has now emerged that he will not be able to return to film Star Wars: Episode VII for six months as he needs rehab treatment for his left limb, which was fixed with a number of metal plates during surgery this week (beg16Jun14).
    A source tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Shooting is continuing, but Harrison won't be back for months... the film company is looking into extending filming well into the second half of this year to allow Ford time to get back on his feet."
    Ford is still receiving treatment at a hospital in England but will fly back to Los Angeles with his actress wife Calista Flockhart to work with a physiotherapist, according to editors at the publication.
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    If this new report is true, I can hear C3PO yelling, "We're Doomed"!

    December 2015 could seriously be in doubt. Just a hunch, Han Solo is a big part of this movie.

    Harrison, get well soon.
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    We've waited this long for Episode 7, a 5-6 month delay wouldn't be the end of the world... Hopefully, Harrison will heal quickly and get back on the set.
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    Given today's technology, I would think they could shoot all of his scenes using his stand in and then, when he's healthy, reshoot the scenes with just him on the set and digitally composite him into the original scene in post production.
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