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Thread: SMS Audio Star Wars Headphones

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    SMS Audio Star Wars Headphones

    Hey Guys,

    I first saw SWS Audio Star Wars Headphones at Star Wars Weekends! They come in four "First Edition" styles: Boba Fett, Darth Vader (Imperial), Luke Skywalker (Rebel Alliance) and Stormtrooper. They retail for a hefty $199.99 a pair but I was very impressed with the designs, weight, and my opinion quality. I wouldn't pay full retail for any headphones, including these, but thanks to Think Geek I got a pair 30% off and with shipping came to under $150 which, in my opinion, should have been retail to begin with.

    The headphones came in a box and the packaging alone is very impressive, reminds me of any Apple product. You slip the cover off and it opens almost like a book cover. Inside there were a sheet of Boba Fett themed stickers, Boba Fett Poster, certificate of authenticity, a Star Wars cleaning cloth, a protective case for the headphones, cable wire (they're not bluetooth) and of course the actual headphones. The headphones collapse to put in the case, have leather ear covers which are very comfortable over the ear headphones. Boba Fett has a green smooth finish, with red and off white highlights and of course Boba's chest emblem!

    I've been listening to all kinds of music and I'm very impressed. Rock, John Williams, Rap, Pop, Metal, and some blue grass all sound amazing! I'm pretty happy and here are some pictures! Over all I give them a strong 9/10 and they would be perfect if full retails as $150.

    "He's no good to me dead."-Boba Fett

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    I like thew Fett ones, but I'm not into SW or headphones enough to pay $200 for them.
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