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Thread: picadinho recipe?????

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    picadinho recipe?????

    this is really the only forum i use, so i know its a shot in the dark, but
    i have been looking for days for a portuguese pork picadinho recipe. the kind that has pickled veggies, rice, olives and chorizo. i went to a portuguese bbq place, but it is so far from my house, that i really cant go very often. it looks similar to the picture below...if anyone knows a good recipe i am really trying to find one, but i keep finding ones that are cooked with a tomato sauce or ground beef. that is not the kind i am looking for. any help in the right direction would be appreciated
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    I would very much like to try this as well. It's actually not terribly different than a Hungarian dish I eat on occasion.

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    i love this dish so much that when i do go to the place, i order the giant family size and eat it over 2 days for multiple meals per day
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    I'm not a fan of olives, but that aside, that looks really good!
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    thank you. i will try the first one to see if it looks right, but the ingredients look reasonable. BTW, the ***** is a female dog in the link.

    I had been looking for days with no luck
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    Yes, I know the dish. Even better: I have the recipe. Not much is better than a picadinho meal. If you want, I am
    willing to share this recipe. It's very easy, and guaranteed
    to be delicious. Just let me know.

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    i would very much like it
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