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Thread: Teal Green Klaatu (Skiff Guard) Figure

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    Teal Green Klaatu (Skiff Guard) Figure

    Hi there folks,

    I was hoping that someone would be able to shead a bit of light on the lighter (teal?) green Klaatu (Skiff Guard) figure.....I've searched around the internet and haven't been able to find out much about him at all.

    - Was the darker version much more common or were they pretty much the same?
    - Was he released in a certain part of the world or just random?
    - Which country was he manufactured in?

    Besides the obvious colour difference the only things that I've noticed is a slightly higher COO stamp on the leg and the plastic seems to discolour faster then his darker brother.

    Thanks so much for infomation anyone can provide to ease my clouded mind hahaha.....see you around the boards.

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    Only thing I know is I had 3 Klaatu when I was a little dude and they all were the dark version. And the ones in the store were the same.

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    Yeah the Klaatu figures I had were all dark green as well and can't even find a teal one on the net??

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    Have you got a picture? Are you sure it is not just degredation:

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    Thanks for that.....I'll get a photo up soon.

    I thought it might have just been colour deteration but the fact the COO stamp is a little higher up the leg got me a bit confused. Does the figure in your pic also have teal coloured hands or have they stayed dark??

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    I have been collecting loose variations for over 15 years, and this is the first time hear about a lighter / teel gren Klaatu Skiff Guard. Would love to see some pictures, and find out wether it's a true variation or a result of discoloration.

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    I'm not sure if the COO's being different heights on the legs is a big difference or not it's just out of all the figures of Klaatu that I've come across this is the first with a higher COO. I know the lighter figure has some colour distortion but the bottom side of his hands are a perfect match to the lighter part of his face and all the other figures I've seen with discolouration have darker under hands because they don't see as much sun as the rest of the figure.

    As per the picture of the lighter Klaatu posted above you can see his hands are still a shade of dark green.

    Thanks guys.

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    Sorry I'm having a shocker trying to upload pics from my tablet.....I have photos of the figure showing the higher COO in my uploaded galleries.
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    Sun is not the only cause of degredation.

    this to me is degredation. Most slight CoO differences can be attributed to it's mould pair:

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    Cheers for that......he just seemed Luke an 'odd' figure and the COO did add to my confusion lol

    Thanks for the lunk that site has a lot of great information

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