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Thread: FS: Hungarian Bootleg Chewie, bikerscout, snowtrooper (SOLD)

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    FS: Hungarian Bootleg Chewie, bikerscout, snowtrooper (SOLD)

    Hello everyone!

    Up for sale are these Star Wars Hungarian bootleg figures.
    They are 100% original. They only had one owner and thats me. I had them since my childhood.

    Im asking:

    - Snowtrooper: SOLD!
    - Biker Scout: SOLD!
    - Chewie: SOLD!

    Shipping not included.


    - I accept wire transfer


    - Paypal, but in this case only with the "money sent to family and friends" option.

    Contact me if youre interested!


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    Quote Originally Posted by AGSHEPPARD View Post
    I will soon have trade feedback as Ive already sold two figures and waiting for them to arrive at their new home.
    Gabe as promised I've started you a feedback thread. Thanks for the figures and don't worry they have a good home.
    Wanted: Nothing!

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