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Thread: PRICED TO SELL! Free shipping within USA* PLEASE LOCK

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    PRICED TO SELL! Free shipping within USA* PLEASE LOCK

    FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA WITH PURCHASE OF TWO OR MORE ITEMS (First Class Mail, delivery confirmation is extra). If you want several, make me a bulk offer, these need to go!

    Payment MUST be made via paypal as a gift. Any payments made another way will be returned. Please see my feedback if you are not aware of my reputation as a seller. Thanks!


    CIV MasterPix- $15 each
    CIV MasterPix- $20 each
    CIV MasterPix- $40 each

    Patrick Stewart 8x10's- $45 each
    Nice Uninscribed Don Henderson RARE (General Tagge)- $35
    Metallix 8x10 Colley- $15
    Inscribed vintage Lucas with MTFBWY RARE- $95
    11X14 Prowse (perfect to send to JEJ, then complete with Hamill)- $30
    Blank Photos- 8x10's $5 each, 11x14's $10 each, I have more blanks including OPX photos, walking dead, dexter, hunger games, etc. just PM me if interested- I may have what you're looking for!
    8x10 Lucas with messy graph (via skyline sigs)- the photo itself is from LucasFilm when I wrote for a graph, but received just the photo instead- $60
    RARE Shelagh Fraser Cut, can be trimmed to 3x5 (bought via Zhamlau)- $85 (taking a big loss on this one and it's the most perfect index I've ever seen)
    Paul Huston index- $2
    BDW 11x14 with coolwaters coa and photo- $35

    Ewan 11x14, via k9- $85 (once again taking a big loss)

    Piesse 8x10, inscribed, $3
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    Crispy uncle owen is SOLD.

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    HUGE sell-off. Let's make a deal!

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    Ford is pending payment

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    Ever heard of the Tip O' Texas....seriously, there

    Just PMed you…..

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    Just PMed you…..

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