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Thread: CLONE WARS ARC TROOPER "FIVES" created by Darth Daddy

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    CLONE WARS ARC TROOPER "FIVES" created by Darth Daddy

    This custom action figure was just a simple repaint of an ARC Trooper Blitz created by Hasbro. I used the head of the Fives action figure that came in the Battle Pack with the Echo. The neck peg hole in the Fives head was exactly the same size as the one for the ARC Trooper helmet so no modification was needed. This is only the second clone custom that I've ever done. Usually you'll find me making an action figure of some strange alien, but after watching Season 6 of The Clone Wars, I felt his character deserved an action figure standing alongside the rest of Elias' action figure collection from The Clone Wars TV series.

    created by Darth Daddy

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    Great work Brian!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith_nine View Post
    Great work Brian!
    Thanks Jay! Clones aren't an area where I have really excelled so far. It's an area I've explored very little. I made that one for Lucasclones a few years ago and this is the only one I've done since then. I've always considered you the master when it came to custom clones so I never bothered developing the skill set figuring I had so much too learn before I came anywhere close to what you were doing. I still have a long ways to go, but getting good feedback from someone whose work I respect immensely definitely gives me the push to maybe do a few more down the road someday

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    Would you consider selling it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock10 View Post
    Would you consider selling it
    It's already in someone else's collection.

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    I think you did a great job! The paint apps look very clean. Looks great. You're already a lot better clone customizer than I am. Very nice work, can't wait to see more customs clones from you in the future.

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