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    Rip jhfagan21

    I know a lot of you have met my brother Joe through buying and selling items on here or just discussing Star Wars. For those that did know him and became friendly with him, I wanted to let you know that he had passed away after his fight with cancer. I personally wanted to thank all of you that were so very nice to him. He spoke fondly of all of you all! Collecting with me was a vent for Joe in a rough battle and Rebelscum was one of the places that we both came to enjoy our love of the Vintage Star Wars figures! The perfect escape.

    For those interested in reading a little more about Joe.

    Book of Memories

    Admins, I know it isn't the right place for this, but I was hoping you would let this one stay as this is the only section that Joe really hung out in and made several friends.

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    My sincerest condolences to you and your family. Your thoughts and family are in my prayers.
    You, like your Father, are now...MINE!

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    So sorry for your loss. You, your brother, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I too have lost a sibling, my heart goes out to you.



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    Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss.

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    So sorry to hear this. Joe and I spent many of a time chatting about vintage and about you as a matter of fact. He had great things to say and even purchased pieces from me for you. This news is very saddening because I was just getting to know him in the last few weeks. Please let me know if you need anything at all and take care.
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    Sad to hear this. Never like to hear of a fellow scummer leaving us but we won't forget him. I sometime visit all the posts about folks who were apart of us and now gone. Makes me realize to count my blessings, realize we can't take the things we have with us but we can always keep the things/memories of them in our minds no matter what even when we go.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you.

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    I'm very sorry to hear this. I shared several messages with him as well. We never did a deal, but we each went through the deal with Dustin and I know he was quite happy he got his Amanaman thanks to the mods. Thanks for sharing and very sorry.

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    Hey John,

    I had the fortune of getting to know Joe in a few deals that we did together. I will give your brother a lot of credit for being a very determined, yet incredibly polite and courteous trading partner. I enjoyed the deals that he and I had together, and he was very appreciative of stuff that I sent him. I hope that I gave him some enjoyment from our deals. I know I enjoyed getting to know him.

    I lost a brother when he was 20 and I was 24. Everyone experiences loss of a sibling differently, but I have a general sense of what you're going through. If you ever need someone to talk to (and I mean whether that is now or when you may REALLY need someone who understands a year or two from now when most other people won't really be talking about it as much), I will be all ears and ready to talk with you, buddy.

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


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