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Thread: FS: AFA GRADED FIGURES 12 back and more

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    FS: AFA GRADED FIGURES 12 back and more

    12 back c jawa afa 85 (SOLD)

    12 back b c3-po afa SOLD

    12 back c darth vader afa SOLD

    12 back b stormtrooper afa 80 (SOLD)

    12 back b sand people afa 80 SOLD

    65 back c boba fett afa75y SOLD

    48 back a zuckuss SOLD

    20 back x Death Star droid SOLD

    If you want more pictures I can send you anything you want. Any questions please ask. Thanks all!
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    cmon man, all you had to do was copy a different tag:

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    Sorry, I don't know what you mean. Please explain. Thanks in advance.

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    I had to click on each individual link to see each individual picture... after being inundated by the hosts numerous adds and suggestive selling techniques each time... if you would have just copied the /IMG link the pictures would have posted right to your post (like I did) without having to go to the host website... nothing major, just me being me.

    Like this:

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    Hi Jamieson,

    Just a quick reminder that 72 hours need to pass in between bumps/updates.

    Buying vintage prototypes, snowtrooper rarities, & Kenner employee memorabilia

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