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Thread: Luke Stormtrooper Rifle - Identifying an Original

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    Luke Stormtrooper Rifle - Identifying an Original

    I preface by saying in the last month I have purchased three Luke Stormtrooper's off Rebelscum, and all of them came with an incorrect blaster. I find this completely unacceptable.

    I don't say this to be critical, or with the intention of putting anybody on the spot, rather, I use the aforementioned to voice my two concerns with this accessory;

    1) The Imperial Blaster was prolific in it's production number and on the amount of figures that it was distributed with, and the variants are numerous. I think there is a prevailing attitude among collectors that "a blaster is a blaster", and any will suffice. Perhaps people are not aware, can not identify or are hoping the buyer will not check the blaster, I don't know, but I believe the seller of this figure really needs to go the extra mile to ensure the legitimacy of this accessory.

    2) The AFA continues to grade this with figure loose with incorrect blasters, and this is outright fraud, IMO. It would be one thing if they identified the incorrect blaster on the label, but they seem to have adopted the above "a blaster is a blaster" mentality, "it's close enough". No, no it is not. If the consumer is paying a premium for your supposed "expertise", deliver on that.

    Below I offer the simplest method of identifying a correct Luke Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle, plus the fail safe test; the "flashlight test".

    Physical examination of a correct solid black Luke Stormtrooper Blaster

    1. Tiny pin head size mark left by the molding process. Every single Luke blaster I have seen has this.
    2. Curved barrel stock end, not flat.
    3. The "hump" and stock ring leading from the rear of the scope to the stock end is very crisply detailed.
    4. The blaster has a unique dull black finish. That means black; not green, dark green, blue, dark blue.

    Below is daylight comparisons to other Imperial Blasters, the difference is obvious:

    The Flashlight Test

    This is the easiest method to confirm the above; simply place the blaster on the glass of a good flashlight or high lumen LED light, and turn it on. Luke Stormtrooper blasters are solid black; that is, they are opaque, they do not allow light transfer through the plastic body of the rifle at any point, period.

    Notice the Blaster in this first picture on the bottom; it looks solid, but shines through on the barrel end and top finial, this is the one that has been shipped to me three times, it is a deep EPM (ejection pin mark) Green blaster...Luke Blaster should be obvious.

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    It is annoying as heck to find a true black blaster. They do exist, but as you stated AFA will grade the fig with anything but a true blue blaster. I wish you well, and hope others find your pics helpful. I found out that AFA does this when I received a cased Luke with a green blaster and AFA confirmed it was "acceptable." Arrghh...

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    Thanks Suke_Lkywalker, now I know what the heck to look for in a Luke Stormy blaster. I have two Luke Stormy's, one loose and one AFA graded. I will check both tonight to see if they have the correct blaster, very doubtful but we will see. Good comparison to other blasters though! Thanks!
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    I have to check my 2 luke stormies to see if they have the correct blaster!

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    This is interesting information, thanks for posting. I checked my droids line kez iban and thall joben blasters, which i know are original to those figures, and looking at them under a magnifier, neither have the #1 dot that you reference. Also there seems to be a slight indentation or concaveness to the magazine on those.

    So, if what you are showing is accurate, it would appear there are some differences between the droids true black version and the luke true black version.

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    We (TIG) saw this and are working feverishly through the night to see if this is true (well "feverish" in the sense that we saw this LOL)

    I'm inclined to say it's not an absolute that all have the pin mark on the magazine.

    Here's my MOC - I see no pin mark

    20140508_173417 by Darthberizing, on Flickr

    20140508_211907 by Darthberizing, on Flickr
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    As long as people understand what solid black truly means, I'm happy, if variants exist, great.

    IMO, this blaster needs much more study, photographing of MOC examples, and expansion on TIG's database (I say this as a compliment, as most collectors refer to TIG by default.)

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    Just checked my POTF and Trilogo mocs. The POTF has a totally solid dull black blaster, and the Trilogo is not as black and has translucent areas when held up to the light. So it definitely has at least 2 variations available for loose figures to be paired with.

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