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Thread: wanting to trade off old collection 3 3/4"

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    wanting to trade off old collection 3 3/4"

    Been awhile since Ive been here, I see some changes have taken place.... hope Im in the right here we go

    I have been collecting for quite some time and have complete collections of PotF, EP1, EP2, PotJ, so much I cant list all here just yet (this will be a work in progress as I go)... after making lists I will include pics but for now if you want something feel free to ask away odds are I have it...
    heres the catch, alot of my stuff was damaged while I was away due to weather and poor care (I was very heart broken when I got back to see the condition of what took me years to complete) I know people out there are customizers or people that like to build dioramas and such.... so what I am wanting to do is trade my 3 3/4" figs for 12" or better yet busts or kotobukya type collectibles.....I also am looking for saber hilts....I have a ton of figures just ask if your interested... also have some big box items such as the geonosis arena and the republic gunship to name a few.
    Hope to get some bites and May the force be with us all.
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    I have some items that may be of interest, pm sent
    always interested in trading for SH figuarts, HASBRO and sideshow 12" and Episode one collectibles

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