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Thread: 1978 Academy & Saturn Awards memorabilia!

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    1978 Academy & Saturn Awards memorabilia!

    Talking about a memorable year. 1978 was the year GL gave us the Holliday special. O boy, what was he thinking (still nice to collect though). But it was also the year that the industry recognized all the talented people who made this movie happening. I picked up several items on this.

    First you see 2 photo's of the presskit from the Sciencefiction Film Awards. I believe this was the first year that it was called Saturn Awards hosted by Karen Black & William Shatner and was aired on television. SW won 13 Awards. I never found anything related untiI I came across this kit. Lucky find. I believe Mark Hamill hosted the show 2 years later himself.

    Then there are a couple of items that I collected from the Academy Awards hosted by Bob Hope. There is the "golden" 50th anniversary presskit with the usual press "mambojambo" and a Academy program with an presentation of all the nominees. This program has a very nice 'felt like' cover. By the way the movie also won the Golden Globe, a Grammy and a couple of BAFTA's and several others.

    Next there are 4 photo's who came from the Lippincott Collection (thank you Geraldine). First you see a display of a ticket for the show and an invitation to the Boards of Governors Ball. Then there are 2 pics of a memo with an preliminary schedule of the SW participation in the show. The last of the 4 is an photo of the crew at a party afterwards. You can see from left to right John Mollo, Norman Reynolds, Charley Lippincott, Carrie Fisher, Roger Christian, Les Dilley... in the background you see the head of Bob Watts talking to an unknown person. They're having big fun, not that strange when you just won 7 Academy Awards.

    I wanted you to see this picture because they have a gift in there hands whom were presented by GL. If you look closely you can see in the hands of Mollo a small package wrapped in foil with filmreel. On top of it there is a small card with the familiar triangular logo. This is also seen in the hands of Les Dilley and Carrie. These were 2 lucite Stars with a "Thank you" card presented to each crew member.

    On to the last 3 photo's. In december 2003 Christies auctioned all the film belongings of John Mollo and also his Stars. I was fortuned enough to get hold on one of them. Apart from the Star I found later on the accompanied card through Jordan Hembrough. Having this set all together with the photo is priceless. To own one of the Stars witch was presented to mr. Mollo on Oscar night who also won the Oscar is the reel deal to me and one of the reasons I'm into the hobby.

    Actually there's one item, I'm still looking for. You know what that would be.

    Cheers again Jay
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    Stunning stuff!

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    Terrific Memorabilia JS - !!!!

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    Dang Jay -- I'm beginning to think we've got the same collection but was separated at birth!! I collect the Academy Awards and SF Awards stuff too, although your collection of these is a bit more impressive than mine. Love the photos and the notecards with the lucite stars -- I've never seen those before. What are the other three photos you mention in your description that came from Lippincott?


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