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Thread: Luke's Room

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    Luke's Room

    Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster! I thought you guys might like to see a small diorama I recently completed. I've wanted to put together a diorama of Luke's room ever since I saw the cutaway illustration of the Lars Homestead in the Dorling Kindersley 'Complete Star Wars Locations' book. It showed a room marked as 'Luke Skywalker's Sleeping Loft'. Unfortunately, the picture was very small and, even worse, right in the fold of the book! However, I used what I could make out, along with bits of Anakin's room in 'The Phantom Menace', Ben's Hut in 'A New Hope', and a bit of imagination as inspiration.
    In fact, there are several bits and pieces in Luke's room that he inherited from his father, whether he knows it or not. I worked on the assumption that Shmi Skywalker brought them with her when she married Cliegg Lars. It seemed reasonable, given that Annakin took very little with him when he left.
    I don't normally make permanent displays as I don't have the space - I have lots of individual pieces that I can put together to represent Mos Eisley, Echo Base and the Death Star so I can take photos but I break them down afterwards and put them back into storage. Because this is fairly small, I made an exception.

    Sorry. I can't get the pictures to show up. If anyone wants to see them, they're in the Member Galleries, under 'darrenr'.

    Mod's - feel free to delete this thread!
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    Hi Darren,
    You managed to capture all of us in this dio with the dreamy Luke, when we were young ourselves and having our minds wander in galaxy's, far, far away and a long time ago...
    Very nicely put together. Would love to see more of your work.
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    Simply the idea of making this, made this the most interesting Tatooine-related diorama in a long time, IMO.
    Great job!

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    What a great idea for a diorama; nicely done!

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    First time I've ever seen someone tackle this as a dio and you did an amazing job! Your attention to detail is fantastic. Kudos on this one, mate!
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    Love it! Great photography too!
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    Thanks everyone! You've all said some very nice things and I'm very flattered!
    Special thanks to you, Deathspawn9000, for putting the pictures up. I'll be honest, I was so embarrassed at my inability to post them that I haven't been here for a week and I only came today to see if the thread had been deleted!

    Daigo_Bah - I'm a big fan of your work, as I know everybody here is, so a compliment from you is enormously gratifying!

    Am I allowed to mention that a lot of my stuff can be found on Flickr? If that's OK, you can find me under darrenr2011 (not very imaginative, I know, but I've never been very good at picking cool user names!)

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