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Thread: My Customs

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    My Customs

    Hey scummers! Thought I'd throw up some pics of some recent customs I made! Just having some fun killing time!

    1. Quarren Rebel Pilot (Blue Squadron) - Squidhead head and arms on a Luke
    X-Wing body using the boil and pop technique with repaint. Sculpey used to
    make the helmet.

    2. Mon Calamari Rebel Pilot - Admiral Akbar head and arms with Luke X-Wing legs on
    a Bossk body with repaint. Again, boil and pop technique and sculpey used to
    make the helmet.

    3. Princess Leia - Simple head swap on a 4-LOM body with repaint of the belt and shoes.
    Made the cape out of Con-Tact grip liner

    4. Dressellian Rebel Pilot - Prune Face head on a B-Wing body and repaint. I shaved
    off Prune Faces eye patch using and Exacto knife and repainted the right eye. Added
    some light accent paint to Pruneys head to show off his beautiful wrinkles.

    5. Imperial Navy Officer - Lobot head (w/ shaved off headgear) on an Imperial
    Commander body with repaint. 1/2 of the Insignia was shaved off to represent
    a Lieutenant Commander.

    6. Rebel Fleet Trooper - Death Squad Commander head on a Han Solo Bespin body with
    repaint. Why KENNER did not make this figure is a mystery??

    Thanks for looking!
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    Pretty cool and creative! And yes, everybody needs a Rebel Fleet Trooper.

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    Funny customs, thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Brandon,

    Hope all is well, love the Squid head and Leia variations!

    Take Care.

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    Bumpin with added descriptions
    Hardcore OT fan... Nothing but...

    My feedback thread:

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