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Thread: FS: Vader/ben lightsabers,droid factory parts, large fett belt

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    FS: Vader/ben lightsabers,droid factory parts, large fett belt

    hi guys,
    just bits and pieces left. feel free to make offers if prices are too high. i can send additional pics if needed.
    darth vader "l" on hilt with tip $10 SOLD
    ben "A" on hilt no tip $5

    droid factory parts:
    tubing (uncut) and 3 pins $10

    large figures
    all sold except fett's belt $10

    remote r2-d2 corrosion on terminals $10 pending

    luke bespin $20 SOLD
    rebel soldier $8 (2 available) PENDING
    bespin guard $8 (2 available) BOTH SOLD
    bossk $7 SOLD
    leia bespin $20 SOLD
    c-3po tight imbs $15 SOLD
    luke x-wing $13 SOLD
    yoda $35 SOLD
    jawa $10 SOLD
    stormtrooper looseish left leg $10 (3 available) SLD
    stormtrooper tight limbs $15 (3 avaliable) SOLD
    fx7 $7 SOLD
    lando bespin no teeth $10 sold
    sand people $12 (light wear to top or horns) PENDING
    greedo $10 SOLD
    ig-88 $10 SOLD
    r2-d2 solid dome $10 (dome has wear on front where the dome meets the boy) SOLD
    boba fett $12 (paint issues on chest) SOLD
    walrus man $7 SOLD
    r5d4 $10 PENDING
    original leia $15 (yellow chest but cape has no issues) SOLD
    death squad commander $5 (2 are available) PENDING
    sand people (chip on hand paint) $7 PENDING
    han hoth $3 (couple small paint chips on white gloves) SOLD
    white tie fighter (corrosion on batter terminals) $20 PENDING
    dewback complete with reins and saddle unbroken $25 PENDING
    taun taun solid belly complete with reins and saddle unbroken $20 SOLD
    land speeder $20 SOLD
    c-3po loose limbs $3 (2 available)
    original han solo (chest has paint touch up) $7
    death star droid $5 (tight limbs but paint is pitted and has a bubble on back)
    hoth stormtrooper $5 (no cape)
    power droid $6
    hammerhead $7
    ben kenobi naked $2
    vader $5 (no issues with cape)
    snaggletooth $3
    chewbacca $1 (nose on paint is worn)
    large darth vader complete loose limbs $40
    falcon missing training ball otherwise complete....corrosion on terminals $60
    boba fett wookie scalps $20 SOLD
    missle $10 SOLD
    gun $20 SOLD
    cloud car $15 SOLD
    x-wing (corrosion on terminals) missing hatch, wings work perfectly $20 sold

    i just started a feedback thread here:
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    Sent a PM about a few things.

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    updated with sold removed....if price is too high shoot me an offer

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    basicaly just parts/pieces left....good opportunity to finish your pieces. feel free to make offers.

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    figures for sale....feel free to make offers

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    PM sent my friend.

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    PM sent on an item
    Always looking for vintage store displays, vintage shipping boxes and Jawa items. My feedback Thread

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