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Thread: Cushing, Lucas, Fisher and Prowse Framed (PIC)

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    Cushing, Lucas, Fisher and Prowse Framed (PIC)

    I dislike the traditional matted and framed look. I think they have their place but I enjoy the look of the float frame. This is my second one.

    16"x20" float frame.
    11"x14" photo.
    3"x5" signed index cards. The index cards are in cut-to-size ultra pro soft sleeves.

    I love this one.

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    Looks great, very nice.
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    Very unusual display, never seen anything quite like that. Imagine it would look very cool in a minimalist room.

    Thanks for sharing mate.

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    ^^^I like this. Very simple and clean.

    So it's okay to have a sig pressed in the frame, as long as it's separated by a Ultra-Pro sleeve or equivalent. Has anyone tried this with poster-sized sleeves to display in a cheap poster frame until a more professional (pronounced "expensive") custom frame-up can be done? I'm assuming it would be similarly acceptable...or am I incorrect? I was considering going that route with some sleeves from Bagsunlimited if you guys think it would be safe.
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