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Thread: Hot Toys - Amazing Spider-Man 2

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    Hot Toys - Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Available at both BBTS and Sideshow for preorder.

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    I POed mine, I like the look of this one over the one from the first movie.

    BBTS sure sold out of their PO fast!
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    I actually had preordered the one from ASM, but cancelled when I saw the costume for this movie. So glad they ended up doing one! I was starting to worry, since the last time I checked, you can STILL order the figure from the first ASM at BBTS, and at a discounted price.

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    I like it but I'm still on the fence for the Adam west batman or this
    I said across her nose, not up it!!

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    The Spidey suit looks bunched up in a lot of the promo shots, so I don't know...could be the material or fabric they used.

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    Rhino is coming.

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    That thing is a behemoth!! I can't imagine how expensive it is going to be, $500? $600? I guess it'll be a good indicator of how much the Hulkbuster figure will be for Avengers 2.

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    I told my wife the ASM2 figure is my final Hot Toy, and she rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, until that Hulkbuster comes out."

    And you know...I told her she was wrong, BUT I imagine it'll be tempting. I just would have NOwhere to put the thing.

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