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Thread: FS: Is anyone interested in Vintage TMNT on card?

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    FS: Is anyone interested in Vintage TMNT on card?

    My nehphew has all 4 turtles as well we Krang and Splinter on card. He is not a collector and does not have a price in mind. He collected them when he was little. Then a Big Lots near our home located a couple of cases of original turtles around the year 2001. Don't ask me how that came about. But he went back and grabbed the six different figures, put them in a tub and there they have sat. There is some bowing and minor damage to the cards but most display well. I have no idea of the prices to ask for. I really don't and neither does he. So for forum rules I'll say $600 for the lot of 6. If anyone has an idea of prices, please PM me and let me know what is realistic. I think if they are $20 each he will probably just keep them. But if the price is right, he is willing to sell. I will upload pics shortly.

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    I'm interested in the Krang.
    PM sent
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    They are not original. They are rereleases.

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    yes someone was kind enough to share their knowledge that these are rereleases. Looking for $150 OBO

    Yipster if you are still interested knowing they are rereleases then pm me and I will see if he is interested in splitting this up. Like I said he isn't a collector so I don't know if he cares enough to bother with shipping a bunch of different packages or if its more trouble than its worth for him
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