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Thread: When did collecting star wars become collecting AFA 80v85 joke

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    When did collecting star wars become collecting AFA 80v85 joke

    well the new craze is that if you have st8 85 your an investor and afa 80 is for the collector.. whats the difference ?. FIRST AFA ISNT PERFECT anyone who has dealt with them know that, so if I have a st8 85, but punched with a sticker and ad on it its better then a 80 85 85 overall 80 that's got none of those? , well of course not imho... People who say I collect st8 85's imo are giving afa too much power. I have a vinyl jawa afa 85 card (should be 100 so mint) afa 60b smallest crack (so I call them and they say any crack is 60 bubble minimum and overall max of 60) and 85f, (again mint)... if I was to rip it out of the case and take pics including the tiny crack it would fetch more then the grade because all anyone now sees is the afa 60.... unpunched no sticker no yellow. displays brilliantly..... I couldn't be happier but I think its a joke . I could go on and on but I guess my point is that I use them too but more to make sure the card is real and sealed 30 years ago etc. all im saying is that I have afa 80s that I wouldn't trade for an 85 in a million years. chewy afa 80 80 85 85 sku on stand unpunched and awesome .. it the card got 85 its worth double that's too much power,. my thoughts ..agree or am I off base?

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    If you only want authentication, then skip the ridiculous premiums you're noticing yourself, and buy ungraded after having the fine folks at RS authenticate it for free.


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