PRICE $4200

For sale is an extremely rare, MIB, and complete vintage Star Wars Canadian Death Star Playset. This was a Sears catalog mail-order exclusive. This playset was also distributed by Palitoy, Toltoys, and Meccano, except the Canadian version is by far the rarest of them all because it was a catalog mail order exclusive and only available in Canada. More so, what also makes this playset different from the other distributorsí playsets is that the underside base of the Death Star is completely BLACK without any printed graphics on it.

In all the years of searching for this playset, Iíve only seen 1 for sale at Celebration VI and 2 for sale at eBay (which I own both). This is in the only complete set Iíve ever seen and the only unused one. This already rare Canadian edition is even rarer because it has the Special Offer Sticker on it for 2 Stormtroopers. Not all the Canadian versions had this special offer sticker.

Perhaps, the most exclusive thing about this listing is that this complete playset was never put together. Thus, the chipboard parts (cardboard) still have most of their chipboard cutouts pieces still in tact (see photos). The chipboard pieces came in a plastic bag. That plastic bag is included and has a rip, so I carefully took the chipboard pieces out of the plastic bag to photograph.

You also get all 6 clear figure stand bases, which are never present with these sets. Even the silver stickers are still on their backing sheet. All 10 clips are also present. The canopy piece is clear which is very hard to find in this condition. All the plastic pieces came in an open plastic bag which is included and photographed.

Technically, the only thing missing are the 2 Stormtroopers that were supposedly included in this set. Iím the second owner of this set and the original owner said they were never included. Bagged Stormtroopers can easily be acquired and are not regarded as completing this set.

When these playsets were sold by Sears, no cardboard inserts were included for the boxes, so the boxes didnít hold up well during sale or transit. With that said, this box has still held up well. There are normal shelf-wear creases and one piece of the boxís flap has torn off and is photographed.

This playset is AFA gradable and is as good as there is in existence. Please scrutinize the photos and ask any questions. There are no returns for things like this donít do well shipping back and forth. Shipping to United States only. No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. No international shipping.

More pics are available upon request.