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Thread: FS: Bagged Figs, Loose Figs, Vehicles, and More 4-22 Additions/ Update

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    FS: Bagged Figs, Loose Figs, Vehicles, and More 4-22 Additions/ Update

    Please Read
    Click on pictures to enlarge them, please check them out for completeness and condition. All parts weapons and accessories are original, if I make a mistake and you get a repro I will make it right, again I believe everything is 100% legit. I believe everything is in C8 or better shape, except the Blue Snag and some of the MISC.

    How I sell:
    Selling large amounts of items at one time has lead me to the following guidelines

    1. Sorry but I don't hold things for people.

    2. I sell to the first person I make a deal with. We have a deal when you receive my paypal address, if you do not have my paypal, then we dont have a deal. Once you get my paypal I consider it sold and will mark it pending. Payment is expected within 48 hrs, unless you let me know otherwise. Sometimes this leads people to feel that I have sold things out from under them, this is not my intent. But I often get mutliple people asking about the same items at the same time, so it is difficult to manage. I do it this way to keep thing moving for all parties.

    3. Posting on the thread saying you want something does not reserve it for you. We don't have a deal unless you have my paypal address.

    4. Members with feedback and some history I am happy to take regular payments assuming you pay the fees 4%, New members with no feedback or history, gift payments only. I have 10+ years of selling on this board, to vouch for my character.

    I typically ship out within 3 days of payment. I will let you know when it ships
    Shipping is extra, and I am happy to ship overseas.

    I have been selling here for a long time and 99% of everyone here is great to work with and I have no problems. There is 1% that have felt slighted in the past which is why I write the above.


    Bagged Figures

    Micro Figures for Ion Cannon 1 bag has tearing SOLD $35
    Klaatu Palace $40
    Luke Skywalker Hoth (some pinking to limbs $60
    Rancor Keeper (see pic has residue) $40
    Salicous Crumb multiples $8 ea

    Loose Figures

    4-Lom $12
    Admiral Ackbar $8
    Ben Obi Wan Kenobi $18
    Boba Fett $15
    Bossk $8
    Chewbacca $8 ea
    Darth Vader Raised Bar no Coo $25
    Endor Rebel Soldier $10
    General Madine
    Hammerhead $8 ea
    Han Solo Bespin $10
    IG-88 $10
    Klaatu $6 ea
    Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot $15
    Nien Numb $8 ea
    Princess Leia Boushh wear to helmet and head $10
    R2-D2 Sensor Scope see peeling $12
    Ree Yees $8
    Snaggletooth $8
    Squidhead $8
    Tusken Raider $15 ea
    Yoda Brown snake no cane $25
    Zuckuss $8


    Disney Wicket Unused still has tag $30
    Cantina Adventure Set #2 see pics $75
    IMperial Attack Base complete see pics $25
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    PM sent as well.
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    Pm sent on Luke Xwing POTF carded

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    List is current, I will be attending (not selling) at the Columbus Show if anyone wants to pick anything up, drop me a PM


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    List is current always open to offers.


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    Bump with a decent amount of new addtions.


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    PM incoming for Dianoga.

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