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Thread: Galoob X-ray Fleet?

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    Galoob X-ray Fleet?

    Never collected them, but I'm curious if anyone knows how big they are compared to titaniums. Anyone have any of these?

    I also just found out there were 3 rare packs that came out right before the Ep. I switch, and I'd really like to get the AT-ST or the TIE Bomber/B-wing pack.

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    Hey UnR, they're exactly Titanium sized and use the same moulds from the MM JC Penney set, hehe, remember that one? The X-ray Lambda shuttle came with JCP set exclusively, IIRC.
    Anyhoo, they're different toolings than the Galoob diecast/TS and have no moving parts but they've got a hole that fits a TS stand perfectly.
    These pics show the JCPs next to the Titaniums.

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    Thanks D. I had a feeling you would have some great snaps of the comparisons. They are really close aren't they. I think I'll pass unless I find those later packs on discount. Thanks again.

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