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Thread: Which figures would you buy an updated version of?

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    Which figures would you buy an updated version of?

    So as I contemplate buying the DX Vader (I already have the ANH version), I am trying to figure out which figures I would buy an updated version of. They would have to have been already made by SS and be a significant improvement. Is the DX Vader really worth it, if someone already has the ANH? I bought the Hot Toys Luke Bespin, as it was far superior to the SS version. So here is my list:

    1. Bespin Han
    2. ROTS Anakin
    3. Shocktrooper
    4. Farmboy Luke
    5. Stormtrooper

    Other than that, I would try to stay away from buying updates of figures I already have.

    Anyone have other thoughts or ideas?

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    I don't really rate the human character figures so I'd only be interested in the Stormtrooper myself..., I think the updated Shocktrooper would merely be a paint job & fabric body suit but I'm open to that one too.
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    This is an interesting topic, and it does come down to one's personal taste, so there really are no wrong answers... just fun debates. For me, I am looking at:

    ESB Bespin Han Solo
    ANH Luke Farmboy
    ANH Leia
    ROTS Anakin
    ANH Ceremonial Luke

    I am actually fine with all the rest... unless I am forgetting someone. It is really a redo of some of the human likenesses for me.
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    I'd be in for a stormtrooper.
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    Good topic....

    Shock Trooper (make it deluxe style)
    ROTS Anakin watch that paint this time!)
    Storm trooper (deluxe it out!)
    Tatooine Luke (again that paint!)
    Qui-Gon Jinn (over-shoulders hair pleas)

    ....and that's it. Unfortunately, what hurt a lot of the early figures was the paint apps...some of them ended up pretty bad....

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    A fully re-tooled and screen accurate stormtrooper on par with SSC's latest deluxe clones is the grail. If all they did was re-do the old armour sculpt I'd pass, since IMO nothing has touched the old Marmit stormtroopers. It seems a stormtrooper re-release of some kind is almost inevitable...but if so they're keeping mighty quiet about it.

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    Stormtrooper for me.

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    Bespin Han is the big one for me. The figure has aged terribly.
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    Bespin Han and the Stormtrooper seem to be the big 2 and I agree.

    Could also do with a new Mace Windu, really don't care for the likeness on the original.
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    STORMTROOPER please!!

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