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Thread: Best websites to buy vintage Star Wars

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    Best websites to buy vintage Star Wars

    Looking for some websites other than eBay and rebelsum where I can buy vintage Star Wars figures, I trying to complete my collection and am missing several power of the force figures and some vehicles. Can you all help me out? Thank u, u rock!

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    Facebook pages dedicated to vintage SW

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    Brian's toys but the have limited stock. I would suggest opening a WTB thread with your needs.

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    Final Frontier Toys Home page generally have some nice high end stuff (unfortunately have the high end prices to match!)

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    visit your imperial recruitment center now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by punk_pat View Post
    Final Frontier Toys Home page generally have some nice high end stuff (unfortunately have the high end prices to match!)
    I also suggest using Final Frontier. I've been purchasing from Frank for several years now. He has very high quality stuff and they do have nice sales from time to time (if you join his facebook page).
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    Any other websites?

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    I think many websites artificially inflate the prices, so I avoid them. I'd suggest checking local comic shops. I've found several gems over the years, at low prices, especially on loose items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachvader View Post
    Any other websites?
    Unfortunately there aren't too many sites other than the ones listed. Even the ones listed have limited stock because there's a high amount of turnover. I've been looking for some 12 backs and even Brian's Toys only has 2 in stock.

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    My only issue with some of these web sites like Brians Toys is that they only seem to be interested in selling high quality AFA graded pieces at inflated prices.

    If you want to buy ungraded MOC figures, these sites are not the way to go. Anything they have in stock that is rare or in mint condition will certainly be graded. Not realistic to find ungraded figures in good condition on these sites (especially for harder to find figures). In most cases, if you are able to find ungraded MOC figures on these sites, they are usually in terrible shape.
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