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Thread: FS: r2d2 collection for sale...

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    FS: r2d2 collection for sale...

    first batch for sale.

    three silver edition R2's and one LFL 100% pewter r2d2 edition. $40 plus $5 shipping inside USA, outside country is more.

    when this batch sells I will list another one and so on.
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    It is difficult to tell based on flipped images and lighting but are most of them yellowed and will you split them up. I am looking for a loose DROIDS r2. Also since you are a new member, can you provide any feedback for yourself?
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    hello eliteforce,

    most of them are in pristine condition and the few that show any discoloration are the vintage ones. due to the being the ones with stickers. I don't want to separate the collection as its better leaving in one. I have always wanted a droid collection ever sense I could remember growing up, so when I had enough money to blow I decided to invest on these few years back. they have all been kept in boxes and for the most part I rarely take them out to show or even admire. there are 4 ledys normal standard size and the 12 inch ledy. 1 error r2d2 and a few variation on dome colors, also the ATT walker with windup Key! thats a rare one. at least I haven't seen others.
    I am just a hobbyist.. any questions feel more than free to ask. Thank You!

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    Hello mikes_lemon, if you do decide to split them up then I'd put my name down for the 3 Leg R2 and the Glasslite non-Droids R2. Feel free to pm me if that situation arises.
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    If you split the collection I may be interested a few of the modern examples

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    Hello, PM sent on Collection

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    its been kinda hard for some to dish out 3k so I am going to spit them up in batches and sell them in order. the last batch for sale is going to be for the vintage ones included the 12 inch ledy. I'm hopping they will sell faster than as a collection.

    I will keep you posted my friends..

    Thank You!

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    let me know if you have interest in this batch.

    Thank You

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    Just a heads up....if it is modern you need to sell it in the modern section.
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    my apologies.

    do I delete this thread.?

    Thank You!

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