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Thread: Yoda's Star Wars displays

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    Red face Yoda's Star Wars displays

    I've been slowly (re) building my collection. Really only focusing on OT and EU replicas, busts and artwork

    Chewie, Han and Mara

    One of my "grail" pieces, Luke ROTJ Version 2 lightsaber replicas by MR

    Han ESB blaster by MR

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    ESB "Thirty Years" print by Joe Corroney

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    ROTJ "Slave Princess" by Joe Corroney

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    "No Country For Old Men" by Benjamin Carre

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    " Dark Empire II" by Dave Dorman

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    Very cool prints!!

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Got ROTJ "Thirty Years" by Joe Corroney for a great price

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    My three Corroney pieces

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    Here is my Lifesize Yoda from ROTS which I've had in storage for a while. He now has a proper place in my man cave

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