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    Cool FT: Prototypes

    Hey Scummers, I have a few prototypes I am willing to trade for the following bootlegs that are in decent condition. I will also pay cash if that is of interest I know this is a long shot, but hey, you never know until you ask


    Uzay Stormtrooper MOC

    Uzay Chewbacca MOC

    Hungarian MOC Yoda

    Hungarian MOC Boba Fett

    ***Model Trem Fett w Box***(TOP DOLLAR PAID)

    Meccano Square carded Fett


    Here is what I have to trade... PM with your email, and I will gladly send you detailed pictures. These items are not for sale, just trade, thanks.


    First Shot Hammerhead AFA 85 W COA

    First Shot Chewbacca AFA 80 W COA

    First Shot Biker Scout Head (charcoal color)AFA 85 Q W COA This is a first shot head attached to a production body, displays great!

    First Shot Greedo (hand painted) AFA 85 W COA (TRADED)
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    All the way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fettafari View Post
    All the way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do I need to start harvesting organs?

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    Kidney added, very rare, one of two
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    Tooooooooooop ****ing floor *****!

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