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Thread: Early Star Wars Fakes--things to look for

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    Early Star Wars Fakes--things to look for

    I'm starting to get a few more items and i'm starting to get a little more worried about getting burned. Can someone direct me to a post where fakes and how to identify them is located.

    I understand the weave look to the bubble for adhesive, etc. but i'm also looking for thing like where the hanger tab should be on the card, looking for the size of the Luke and Leia in the corner, etc anything that will help me from getting ripped off...

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    When in doubt about MOC, cross reference with pictures of items that have been graded by the AFA, fakes generally stand out right away.

    Otherwise, post pics of the items on RS, and start educating yourself with reference material.


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    As far as cross-referencing with AFA-graded items goes, you might want to check this thread for details regarding how even they have been duped by counterfeiting.....

    You should gather as much feedback as possible on the seller from other collectors so that you can be confident that they are not trying to sell you a reproduction.
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    The simple answer is: compare the details to graded examples, and don't read the exhausting Toytony threads unless you're collecting Palitoy. As someone who doesnt collect Palitoy myself, I can affirm that it is an incredibly informative, yet wholly unnecessary read for a U.S. Kenner collector.
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