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Thread: WTB: Loose Biker Scout with Gun (FOUND)

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    WTB: Loose Biker Scout with Gun (FOUND)

    Just bought a speeder bike so I'm looking for a biker scout in good condition with his hand gun.

    Will pay cash or trade any of the following :

    1983 Leia in Boushh figure with weapon - very good condition

    1984 Emperor with stick - very good condition

    8 issues of Bantha Tracks - showing age as one would expect.

    I am in UK but dont mind overseas deals if postage does not make it too expensive.
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    Please familiarize yourself with the correct thread title prefixes as listed at the following thread:

    I have corrected your thread title by changing WANTED to WTB:

    Buying vintage prototypes, snowtrooper rarities, & Kenner employee memorabilia

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    Thanks mate! Just grabbed biker scout so please delete.
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